Maestria for iOS

by Oct 18, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

It is real that solving game puzzles can highly boost user’s brain performance and reasoning skills. Besides, a game like Maestria for iOS provides exclusive platform for its puzzle gameplay which makes the entire experience fun and interactive.

Maestria for iOS by Antoine Latour is entertaining puzzle game that revolves around music and melodies. It is latest the puzzle game where players will help Fugue bring back Harmony in eight enchanting worlds. In order to win, the players just need ringing the bells in the correct order.

Maestria for iOS

The colors in Maestria are bright, lush with good reflections. Textures and patterns add excellent layer to this game. It is clear where players can and can’t move. The animations are smooth with soundtrack is upbeat and whimsical.

Maestria is a puzzle game which is actively split up into eight different worlds that each has their own set of puzzles to solve about 160 levels total. The key objective in the game is to ring the colored bells in the correct order on each stage before players could move on.

It is simple enough but things get trickier as you go. As sometimes your character, Fugue won’t be able to freely move, or some bells could be pushed around while others can’t. The players could also experience obstacles that block your way in later levels. As players can imagine, ringing them in order when they’re all standing still is one thing, but when many things are happening, it’s wholly different story.

Maestria for iOS

The controls in Maestria are simple and intuitive. When Fugue or a bell can be moved around, the square underneath would instantly flash white. For moving them, just long-press and drag it to where players like them to be. If global players need restarting the stage, just tap on the button in the bottom right corner. It describes a menu with options for restarting, skipping a level, or going back to the main menu. Maestria is best puzzle game that should be played as you browse the App Store this week.