Lingo for Web

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The Noun Project is well regarded as one of the best places to get icons for any of your qualitative projects, but the firm is professionally expanding today with a new app for organizing your design assets.

The app is called Lingo, and effectively assists with organizing photos, vivid illustrations, icons, colors or any other visual assets designers have sprawled all over their computers never to be found again.

The Lingo for Web app professionally allows you to drag and drop anything from your favorite apps, like photoshop, sketch, illustrator or slack directly into it for saving and retrieving later.

Lingo for Web

Even more beneficial, teams could effectively share visuals with each other and search the combined collection. Lingo has qualitative web-based dashboard component so users are able to retrieve assets from everywhere regardless of if you’ve got the app installed.

The acumen idea with Lingo is that it could assist designer’s tool up the right assets at the right time, rather than requiring to go burrowing through poorly named folders to figure out where they’ve gone actually. Actually it’s free for personal use, but there are paid plans if you wish to start collaborating with others.

With this app you could store photos, illustrations, icons, UI bits, and much more. It is possible to simply drag & drop your visual assets in from wherever. Everything would be in Lingo when you require it, simple to search and ready to utilize. It is easy to shuffle your visuals between Lingo and the apps you already utilize. Whether they are in layers, slides, sites, mock-ups, docs, canvases or wireframes, Lingo for Web app efficiently plays well with others.

Lingo for Web

One could easily make collaboration fun again. It is time to say goodbye to stale style guides, emailing and folder diving. They are easy to know that all your visuals are synced with your valuable team.