Letterboxd for iPhone

by Mar 16, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Letterboxd for iPhone puts the familiar social network for film lover’s right in your pocket, so the users could easily log films and catch up on your friends’ activity with simplicity. I’ve been using Letterboxd for more than a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed the movie pages. The organizations first iOS app is out right now and it brings the service to mobile in a sensational way.

Letterboxd for iPhone

It’s just like the desktop version, beginning with a feed of familiar movies this week, what your friends are viewing and a feed of your friends’ reviews. You’re able to instantly log a movie you’ve seen, or jump right into the deep end and search for something special.

If you’re hungry for something to watch, there’s a lovely full-screen feed of movies to flick through once you hit ‘most popular’ or jump into another qualitative list. As you’re efficaciously swiping through the users could instantly add a flick to your watchlist, rate it, like it or mark it as viewed. Letterboxd has professionally fostered a community that actively discusses and shares what movies they’re watching as well as interestingly reviewing them. Letterboxd for iPhone is available for free right now from iTunes.

Letterboxd for iPhone

And if you’re like me and don’t actually follow anyone on the service, it’s still a great place to keep track of your movie collection and qualitatively search new films to watch. I log everything I watch, utilize the watch list feature and look up movies all the time. While the website is best regarded for responsive and works on mobile, the new app could be special way to log new movies. And it looks like the global users would be able to search all the website features in the app.

The existing Letterboxd users would feel right at home as the popular app utilizes the same color palette, icons and metaphors as the website. And if you’re new to the service, it could be best way to sign up and try it.