Letterboxd for iOS

by Jun 28, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

The social network for film lovers by Letterboxd is a social networking app for those who like film. If you consider yourself passionate fan of movies and wish to socialize with other like-minded individuals, then Letterboxd for iOS is the way to go.

When you consider visually, Letterboxd’s iPhone app is beautiful, just like the website. The dark background of the app assists to place the focus and emphasis on the movie poster artwork, and steel blue gray navigation bar at the bottom offers nice, complementary contrast to the overall dark theme.

Letterboxd for iOS

Even users never used Letterboxd before, you could easily pick up the app and sign up for a free account, everything is organized and straightforward, so there isn’t a lot to learn. Letterboxd is pretty fast and responsive to your touches, and the subtle animations add a delightful finishing touch to the apps’s visual package. Moreover this Letterboxd’s website was beautifully designed, and the same could be said for the iPhone app that has been a long time coming.

As mentioned the users would require a Letterboxd account to use the iPhone app. It is still a popular social network at its core; you’re going to wish to find friends and other people to follow. The users could simply search for individual members with the search section, along with films, reviews, lists, and actors.

Letterboxd for iOS

It is also enumerated that main view of Letterboxd would be the “Popular” section, where you could actually view what films are familiar on the network this week, as well as view new activity from friends. It is also possible to switch over to the “Reviews” section in Popular for user reviews from friends, and even actively view what “Lists” are popular this week. Each movie detail view offers necessary information like release year, director, synopsis, trailers, cast, and more. Altogether Letterboxd is incredibly detailed with stats and packed with information, so it is worth having this app.