Let Us Break the Ice with Smalk – Ask Great Questions

by Aug 12, 2020General0 comments

Have you ever wanted to talk with someone but wondered where and how to start the conversation? Yes, we all might have come across that awkward situation where we run out of questions to keep the conversation going. How about an app that can help you with this? Yes,  Smalk is one unique Android app that helps you talk with people and keep the conversation going without any hesitation. 

Given by Letail LLC, Smalk app belongs to the Games category and is suitable for all iOS devices. The app is completely free for download but comes with in-app purchases. It helps you to have continuous conversation with anyone in your family, friends or work place. It gives you access to around 250 questions for free. It comes with around 2000 swipe cards that help you to begin the conversation by asking it in person or by sharing the question on Instagram or Facebook by two simple clicks. 

The app helps you break the ice with anyone and it will be a great way to start your conversation. You can start the talk with anyone in your family, your date or spouse or even to yourself as a means of self-development or personal reflection. Smalk helps you choose questions from a wide range of topics like Conversation Starters, Couples Trivia, Date Night, Family Fun, This or That? Would You Rather…, Yes or No?, Desires and a lot more. 


With a range of topics in more than 15 categories, Smalk helps you to add bookmarks to cards so that they can be referred for future use. It greatly helps you to understand better the person whom you are conversing with. The app will be easy to use if you have played “Never Have I Ever”, “Truth or Dare”, “36 Questions”, “Charades” or “Would You Rather”. Even if you haven’t played these, you need not worry because the app is designed in a simple, user-friendly way. 

Smalk assists you to play at your own speed and resume at any time you prefer. If you have any idea for a question, you can very well share it with the team of Smalk and they will add and publish it in the future editions of questions. With the in-app purchases you can get individual question packs for $0.99* or unlock all current and future packs for $4.99* that saves you 60% of your money. You will gain access to the entire set of questions, remove ads and also enable the favorites. 

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