Legend of the Skyfish for iPhone

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Though users have gone through hundreds of games on iOS devices over the past decades, there will always be the one familiar genre that keeps coming back to play for innovative puzzle games. Legend of the Skyfish by Crescent Moon Games and MGaia is a fantastic action adventure puzzle game.

The Legend of the Skyfish game evolves features hand-painted art so it has unique style to it. Each environment players would be coming across own special appearance and tone. It is also possible to view all of the fine textures and small details painted in.

Legend of the Skyfish for iPhone

The user’s character, Little Red Hook, and all of the other interesting creatures which you’ll be encountering, have good character models that are bursting with their own quality personalities and movements.  The developers did splendid job in terms of the audio and visual department.

The formula is simple and straightforward where users had to explore the environment, beat up few baddies, immensely solve tricky puzzles, and then face off against a boss at the finish. This can be done before moving on to the next level and perhaps do it all over again. When users go into the next zone of the stage, the screen would scroll to go along with you.

The user’s weapon of choice would be a fishing rod so it is possible to use it as a grappling hook to get from island-to-island. The game effectively holds your hands throughout the start of play, since you have a fairy-like creature that simply offers you good hints on what to do.

Legend of the Skyfish for iPhone

All thrilling puzzle experience can be amazing specifically when it is expressed in a captivating game like Legend of the Skyfish for iPhone. This not only makes the player overwhelmed with entertainment but also cherish the entire game session worth playing. Eventually it is well illustrated that this game is definitely worth checking out and they are fantastic puzzle game nonetheless.