Kodak Moments for iOS

by Mar 14, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Everyone accept the famous phrase of Kodak moment which is globally understood as a memory for worth sharing. In an interesting move Kodak has decided to reclaim their catchphrase and launch app particularly towards saving and sharing your personal, precious memories. The main focus is to act as a visual storytelling platform.

Kodak Moments is free to download in the US and would launch in Europe later this year. It would also be available to Android users this spring season. The app looks like Medium for your photos. The design is sleek, minimal and very qualitative. When you select the photos and wish to post on the app, the users could edit them as you would on any platform.

Kodak moments for iOS

The app professionally encourages you to tell the story behind each picture as you’re posting it and assists you format it in a lucrative typeface with a standout block quote as well for inclusion effect. All of your stories could be kept private or users could select to make them public, as well as share them on the popular social media platforms too.

The idea is that Kodak Moments effectively acts as a box of memories, rather than somewhere to share pictures of your holiday vacation. The platform is ad-free and would remain that way. Moreover your photos are safer on Kodak Moments as they won’t be analyzed and utilized to focus you with ads. They are wholly private and would only ever be shared with the people you select to permit view them.

Kodak moments for iOS

It is also providing a printing service direct from within the app as well. The users could connect via Bluetooth with any Kodak printing machine in a store closely or qualitatively order cute prints with notes and quotes on the back to be instantly delivered to your door. So if you’re sick of selfies Kodak Moments is definitely worth checking out.