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In today’s mobile app technology there are number of online field service management apps that repair-based businesses and improve the efficiency with reliability of their offsite technicians. Most field service management apps provides tools that managers can use to track the location of their employees, shorten billing cycles, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, and deliver good overall service. Among all other applications Kickserv is popular field service management app which serves beneficially for users.

This app manages everything from online appointments and sales to job tracking, team scheduling and estimate, invoice and online payments. Moreover the team members could quickly add their time entries into. Kickserv could be used to either bill customers or track on our payroll reports. This app also permits field technicians to automate team status updates to your office, enter schedules, time tracking, charges and notes, view your jobs and opportunities from the field and attach notes, documents, and images to a job.


Kickserv’s field service management features are particularly well suited to any freelancer or team that makes house calls in sectors like HVAC, plumbing, construction, lawn care, maid services, and pest control. It is known fact that your field technicians obviously require being mobile in order to do their job but managing teams scattered all over the place could be hard. Managing offsite employees professionally is therefore definitely important but crucial especially for organizations in the service industry that rely on customer referrals to develop new prosperous business.

Kickserv is therefore regarded as a SaaS CRM designed for simplicity to allow your employees stay focus learning sales opportunities and customer requirements, not on how to use the tool. It is more ideal for proprietors and SMEs, but is quality enough for large enterprises. The vendor professionally boasts of servicing over fifty industries, mainly in home service, respectively as, electrical services, computer repair, landscape etc. So the users with few clicks they could manage sales, track jobs, create invoices and reports, and plan complex schedules. Kickserv also effectively integrates well with QuickBooks to put your accountant in the loop and could be customized to reflect your business logo and colors.

Beneficial Aspects of Kickserv

Track your business

The users could keep eye on leads, jobs and invoices and monitor conversions to payments. You could also follow up job and technician status. It is easy to track estimates and sales opportunities. Kickserv offers you a quick overview on the status of your business so you could make interventions, if required.

Track your jobs

It is simple to monitor time entries by staff, while controlling complex job scheduling involving multiple employees or events. It is possible to assign work quickly to team members and keep tab on their progress.

Track your schedule

You could easily use drag-and-drop tool to filter calendar and control your daily, weekly, monthly commitments.


Track communications

Availability of note attachments which permit you to keep your team members posted and guarantees relevant communication transparency from sales to job delivery.

Track payments

Quite easy to send invoices via email and know when a customer has opened the email.

Possible to know your customers

The contact records offer quick lookups to find related contacts and service locations, set reminders and work follow-ups and attach notes for additional customer details.

Provide dynamic estimates

With the built-in approval and modification features, the automated status updates to deliver accurate estimates; close deals with respective customer approvals and possible to track project progress.

Obtain dynamic reporting

Easy to experience Kickserv’s built-in reports for sales, work and invoicing, while having the choices to customize them.

Mobile on the go

You could effectively control your CRM on the go with Kickserv mobile platform. It is simple to automate team status updates, qualitatively enter schedules, events and charges, attach notes and also possible to check team’s location with GPS tracker.

Sync with QuickBooks

One could easily keep accountant updated with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop sync. Your quality data is safe, secure and always updated with items, contacts, and notes in real time.

Kickserv provides four different packages to match staff size from proprietorship to enterprise level. Terms are on a month-to-month setup that users could cancel anytime with no contract to tie you up. All plans comprise standard features, business and time tracking; job management; advanced scheduling; notes attachments; and job charges. You have free trial package for benefit of global app users. Altogether this app would certainly satisfy all kinds of users in professional manner.