Journey Below for iPhone

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Journey Below for iPhone by Ravenous Games Inc. is popular auto-running platformer with a dash of roguelike RPG elements to it. The lucrative graphics in Journey Below follow the retro pixel art style that Ravenous Games is specially known for.  The game simply features a knight who is actually set on saving the kingdom from an evil monster.

Journey Below for iPhone are high in replay value due to the randomly generated maps and levels, tons of achievements. More important that it’s a roguelike high score chaser which means users always be coming back. The character sprites, including the foes and your own knight character, are simple and everything has their own special unique movement patterns.

Journey Below for iPhone

When you take up colors in the game they range from bright to darker, gloomier tones. The animations are fluid with the levels flow seamlessly into each other. The techno chiptune soundtrack is appreciated and would immerse you in the game.

They have three game modes in Journey Below namely as Normal, Hard, and Endless. It is revealed that users have to beat Normal first in order to unlock both Hard and Endless mode. While in Normal mode the users have to go through 12 randomly generated levels and then actively fight the boss at the end in order to beat the game.

The Hard Mode has faster game play and doesn’t have health potions in the stages so players can’t heal up, and they could only start with three health points. Finally Endless is absolute test to view how deep in the dungeon players can get before the monsters finally get to you.

Journey Below for iPhone

Once if global users reach the end of a level, they would have the option of picking one of three randomly generated character upgrades before users move on to the next area. They also could collect the gold coins for more points, and make sure to watch for health potions in order for restoring hearts. It is also said that timing is key, so users would make sure to jump and dash attack at the right moments for good efficiency.