Jerrycan for iPhone

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By using this Jerrycan for iPhone app the users could simply reduce fuel expenses and improve Eco-driving Skills. This app is quality one for keeping track of your car’s fuel, MPG, and mileage, right from your iPhone. It was effectively developed by Pavlo Grozian.

If users have been wishing to keep track of all of that data, as well as seeing how much of an impact you have on the ecology, then this is the app users like to check out. The app simply uses dark, steel gray background color which makes the bright hues in the graphs pop.

Jerrycan for iPhone

Each section of Jerrycan is easily separated and organized into many pages for easy navigation. You have buttery smooth transition and animations are soothing on the eyes.  The app accurately becomes your personal coach which actually helps users to improve fuel-efficient driving, cut fuel expenses and highly reducing the impact on the ecology.

The process includes choosing your car’s year, body type, make, model, engine, and approximate odometer. Then users could add a photo to the car if you wish, and pick settings for fuel tank capacity, city, highway consumption, and currency with unit preferences. The settings for the factory specs section are set to the default settings for the car you choose, but there is ability to customize if actually needed.

If users have your car set up, they could view many stats for your vehicle, which you could page through like iPhone home screens. The first section is the Overview, which describes your average consumption for mpg, how much users have spent on fuel, how far you’ve actually traveled, how many gallons you’ve burned through, and how much pollution the car emits.

Jerrycan for iPhone

As users scroll through the many sections, global users find distance, fuel, spending, and savings in terms of pollution, over consumption and networks. If users are looking for a slick fuel and mileage tracker, then it is best recommend for checking out Jerrycan.