Interact for iPhone

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Interact for iPhone by Agile Tortoise is the quality contact manager that permits you be more flexible with your address book than other applications. This app is a simple way to get new details down and create a new entry without having to deal with annoying text entry fields.

The Interact app professionally features a lot of white space in each cell for your contacts, complete with name and apt profile pictures. They also have some off-white, beige color rectangles in the bottom right of each cell that comprise orange-hued buttons for categories like choosing, viewing details, and deleting.Interact for iPhone

Interact also has “Contact Scratchpad” that could be easily accessed with a button in the top right corner, along with a search tool. If users ever organized your contacts by groups, then they could swipe from the left edge of the screen or tap on the button in the top left to view accounts and respective groups.

If users like to view someone’s contact details before taking action, Interact provides you with two ways to do this namely as tap on the “…” button on their cell, or tap on the “i” button. The first option perfectly offers you each bit of details in a card format, with direct operations where international users could take like viewing group memberships, aptly arranging properties, and sharing. The second option offers you the traditional iOS view, where global users could easily edit details and send a message, share contact, or add to Favorites.

Interact for iPhone

If users need searching for someone in your address book, the search tool in Interact is quick and provides you exact results in real-time as you type. The Contact Scratchpad is one of advantageous features of the app; as it permits you instantly jot down details without having to deal with any disturbances when creating a new entry. Altogether this app is wholly appreciated from all corners of global users.