Infinite Skater for iPhone

by Oct 17, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Infinite Skater for iPhone app game has taken a unique gaming approach to give its players a chance to boost their skills while still having great fun. It is a game of beautiful endless runner that offers massive entertainment and professionally developed by Space Inch, LLC.

If you have enjoyed infinite runners then Infinite Skater could be latest gem to add in your popular collections. Ever since mobile gaming became so much popular, there have been endless runners that have hit the App Store but this one immensely looked to stand out from the crowd.

Infinite Skater for iPhone

When you speak about visual terms Infinite Skater is gorgeous.  It features a lo-poly art style that perfectly offers bit of a retro aesthetic, and the landscapes that players will be skating through are lush and rich. The colors in the game range reflect from soft pastels to vibrant hues. It currently features one path namely Warrior.

You could also experience two characters that users could pick from at the start, with one male and a female. Like every other infinite runner game, the main goal is to skate as far as players can before they actually inevitably crash into some type of obstacle.

There are also spirit animals that players will meet along your journey.  The spirit animal’s element is best addition to an interesting formula and helps to give Infinite Skater a bit more depth than the tough competition. If users view the rainbow spirit animals running alongside the trail, then global players can jump on them for a boosted ride.

Infinite Skater for iPhone

The controls just feel simple and natural, specifically if players have played other games in the genre before. Along your normal runs, the players will be able to gather up crystals that are used to get more offerings for the spirit animals.  Now with the intro of latest mobile gaming app technology and massive growth it has become more interesting for players to spend their leisure time.