Infinite Music iPhone App Review

by Apr 30, 2017iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Infinite Music is the mobile application that has changed the way users listen to their favorite songs. This free IOS application allows users to listen to different mashups and remixes created with the playlists on their iPhones or iPads, theses remixes are generated and based on the activity the user is performing while using the App. The App is accurate when detecting the activity, the user is performing when using the App (resting, walking, running, cycling, or driving); moreover, Infinite Music also allows users to compose their own mashups which is an attractive feature for users that prefer to customize and turn their playlist into a single song based on user preferences. Infinite music allows users to play music attached to an email, stored on Dropbox, I Cloud Drive or simply stored in the Itunes Library, giving the user the accessibility to enjoy the app no matter where the music is stored in their devices; However, Infinite Music is not yet compatible with streaming platforms such as Spottily or IHeartRadio because they do not allow access to audio of the streamed songs.

Furthermore, the App can be pair to the Philips HUE lamps, which Synchronizes lighting to the rhythm of the remixes played by the Infinite Music app, creating a joyful environment for those who enjoy house parties or a “get together” with friends; Unfortunately, the app cannot be pair to other synchronized lighting device.

As it has been said, the features of this App change the monotonous of the user playlists making them perfect for a high intensity and workout or a slow walk in the park; Sadly, this App can only be downloaded by Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad users, which is a disadvantage for Android user since this software has not been developed for that operating system. On the other hand, it can be complex for first users to learn how to use the App since there are no tutorials to teach them how to use and take advantage of all the features the software offers. It would be a nice improvement to improve the user experience by providing a glimpse of how to use the app and its many features since the design of the app can be difficult to understand for many users.

For IOS users, I strongly recommend giving a try of the app if you are tired of listening to the same playlists every single day; Also, if you love customizing what you listen based on your daily activities, Infinite music gives you the possibility to listen to your old playlists with the twist you want. I would also recommend it for active people looking to boost their morning running’s by listening to unique remixes and mashups or also for those who find it boring walking their dogs alone in the park. Infinite Music matches perfectly your songs to your pace without paying a cent. Infinite Music will just make your daily routines more fun.

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