IMEI Checker Pro Review – iPhone App

by Nov 4, 2017iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Marc Cavallo has developed the IMEI checker pro; it requires the iOS 10.0 or higher. Occasionally people are buying
phones which is a decision that is best when one is well informed. Information collected in real time is very tricky mostly when in a hurry. The IMEI checker Pro steps in at this point to ease the decision-making process.The Apple application rounds up by checking the information basing on the phones IMEI number. Am to review this application’s functionality from my own experience on my iPhone.

This innovative application has features that assist in distinguishing the specifics associated with a mobile phone. It requires the input of the devices IMEI number; the credentials searched through an online database that provides specific information of the device. It distinguishes information relating to; device locks, device serial number, device model, serial number, devices original IMEI number, purchase date, iCloud status, the original buyer and the initial carrier. The software of this application offers reliable information concerning a device that is reliable on every IMEI number that you provide.

The application is highly essential and reliable since there is a rate of buying and selling of the gadgets. The information provided helps in making meaningful choices in the acquisition of a phone. The application also offers detailed statistics of the device and its capabilities. This medium enables the buyer to know if the phone’s stolen through the iCloud status which stolen device is reported to or also if the phone used by any carrier which is also a critical factor in buying a phone. The acquisition of a stolen device lands the buyer to the wrong hands of the law that can land him/ Her to be arrested and prosecuted. On the other hand buying of a locked phone may block the buyer from making any resale.

This application is free when downloading but when having a check of an IMEI number that is when one needs credit for a check which is one credit per test. It could be preferable if the developer could offer at least one free credit for clients to prove the application’s usefulness and how powerful it is. The app has its advantages; it provides some useful details that helps in the buying and the selling of phones. It cuts on cost and also offers time-saving in the trading process.

The application not only checks apple devices but also; Alcatel, HTC, LG and Samsung phones. It also necessitates accurate and fast results that enhance informed and safe decision making. The application has only one weakness; it requires an internet connection to function, one who is not connected to an internet connection cannot access its services.

The acquisition of mobile phones needs to be one that is the perfect choice and for this to be one must be informed. The application is reliable among businesspeople dealing in line with phones since it sets you away from being in possession of an illegal mobile device. Therefore, this is an opinion highly emphasized by me for you to consider before acquiring any mobile phone.

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