IA OE – The All New Colorful Geometry Blocks Game With A Twist

by Jul 9, 2019Android App Reviews0 comments

The play store has many arcade games but only a few of them are worth downloading. Choosing the best arcade game is quite a difficult task. It is always good to look out for top rated and reviewed apps and what people like the most. The options are endless and all you have to do is to find them and try them out for fun. When you find the right game and download it, it is hard to keep it down. One such app that I downloaded recently is IA OE developed by MDeeApp.

MDeeApp, an Italy based company is more creative in their app development process. If you love a fair challenge, you will definitely love this game as well. IA OE is an innovative game that asks you to move the flare forward crossing many spiky obstacles and deadly pathways. It involves many colorful blocks and barriers that make it harder to move the flare ahead.

Mastering different styles and challenges in this game is quite difficult as it involves a lot of coordination, skill and patience. Once you get hit by a spike or fall down on the way, you must start from the beginning all over. This is the most tricky part of the game. When you play the game without any rush, you are destined to win it.

The game controls are the left and right arrows on the screen to take the flare through the geometry blocks world. There is also a control named ‘S’ which when touched makes the flare jump high. Using these, the player has to proceed through the many challenges of the game that contain many caves, adventures and stages.

IA OE has many other controls, that allows you to alter the size and color of the flare, change background color and reset. Aqua, maroon, black, fuchsia and gray are the various color options that are available for change. The background music and voice that plays during the gameplay is very fast paced and interesting. It lets you get a hang on the game without getting bored. The music that is played gets altered on each trial. There is a pause button at the top that you can select to either continue or exit from the game as per your needs.

The app displays free ads at the top if you have kept the mobile data on. IA OE is free to download from the Play Store and is suitable for all those who are above 3 years of age. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then for no doubt IA OE will be your all time favorite.

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