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Bringing the social concerns in good knowledge of people is the best thing one could do. With every day we need more and more of apps or applications that could help us take our concerns free of cost to the public and in return can expect some genuine comments on your video of entertainment music and many other stuff!

Features that help you use it with ease

  • Having a personal account: Things are much easier when they are under your name! Won’t you feel satisfied or a bit proud moment would ring in ears when the videos uploaded under your name will get the best of the view and comment? Have your own account and make things go a bit higher on the graph.
  • Keep the track of your videos: After you have uploaded all your videos, this app helps in keeping a note of the various videos that are under your name or trademark.
  • Share it with friends and family: Use the integrated apps and make sure each of the content is well circulated. No need to worry if all of your contacts are not on what’s app use another social media handle and make it help the dancing stars.
  • Dream more and use it big DO not mistake it with some any sort of social media handle, rather plan well and make use of this technology has it used to circulate the bigger passion related messages and make it a point to use and share it for the important projects and reach out to a bigger mass of community especially when you count yourself among the Rising stars!
  • Your uploads can be edited: Uploaded a content that should have not been uploaded? No worries we are here for you! We provide you method to delete the video from My Uploads section of the app and that too instantly with no time lapse involved.

Ways to use it like a pro! 

  • Definitely not only for the individual people, but use it for your trademark company and spread awareness about your products, sure help to grow your business!
  • Use it for social cause and make people aware and understand the various norms running in society. The app even supports hashtags usages that help in marking a big chunk of the online public!
  • Share the media with friends and family through the interlinked social media handles. This is a bigger circle that would keep growing and helping you to make things happen like a pro.

Last words: 

Though the app industry definitely has a lot of media handles, not all are free and as easy to use as this one. The developer team of We RockStar has only one passion to fuel his dream: people get the right value for each right content they post!

Summary: It is a social cause or a funny video: attention and focus are all that one needs to make the content go viral. This is definitely not possible without the use of some right hashtags and an awesome content available to be uploaded like the video of instruments playerand thus use of We RockStar can help you solve this problem, easily!

Features: 4.5

Connectivity: 5

User Interface: 4.5

Usability: 4.7

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