Hocus for iPhone

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Hocus for iPhone by Yunus Ayyildiz is quality perspective illusion puzzle that would be guaranteed to delight anyone who love puzzle categories. If players enjoyed popular titles like Monument Valley then they will really appreciate what Hocus has to offer.

Since puzzles are one of favorite genres, it seems that Hocus is just good fit for international users, and anyone else who love the genre. The visuals in Hocus are super minimalistic and it qualitatively features an off-white background with varying hues of grey & black for the puzzles themselves.

Hocus for iPhoneThe starting and ending points are clearly marked due to the effect of bright red that neatly contrasts well with rest of the colors. The animations are perfectly smooth with zen soundtrack is whimsical and soothing. In addition the clicking sound effects are quality touch.

This popular game of Hocus has 50 levels to go through. The important goal in the game is to get the red cube into the red cutout which is actually located somewhere on mind-bending architecture. It virtually changes perspectives on users, depending on how you move along it.

Since the game does not limit user moves or have a scoring system, the users can professionally take as long as they wish on each stage, and solve easily through trial-and-error. The controls in Hocus are simple to understand. In order to move the cube along the path, the players can simply swipe their finger in the direction they wish it to go. 

Hocus for iPhone

The extensive thing that separates Hocus from other games like, this is the fact that players aren’t able to rotate the structures, so global users have to look carefully to see the paths that players should be taking in order to solve the puzzle. Moreover there is no scoring system or restricted number of moves to make to complete a stage and so there’s nothing to worry about.