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Offline navigation is indeed one of the most essential requirements for many smart phone users especially while traveling in areas that have no data connection or unreliable data connection services. Various offline navigation apps exist for iOS users and one such popular app is the HERE app. This app offers reliable and convenient navigation to users provided that the users must have downloaded the maps covering various locations that they need to travel to.

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As an offline navigation system, the HERE app is able to provide users with a step by step guide on how to get to specified locations without necessarily requiring the user to have data connection. Unlike many navigation apps, HERE maps offers support for turn-by-turn navigation whereby the user is given specific instructions on where to turn, which roads to take, which land marks to look for and other such navigation aspects that serve to enhance the overall experience of the user.

The app offers support for various customization options whereby the user can customize certain aspect of the apps setting to suit their specific needs. For instance, a user who frequents specific locations can customize these locations using a convenient and essay to understand folder system.

The HERE app also has a download link for maps from where user can download maps for various locations that can then be saved in their devices’ hard drives and be used for navigation.

One of the most obvious advantage of the HERE app is its support for offline navigation. We can all agree that data is indeed not one of the cheapest resources out there and any app that enables users to save on data by offering offline support is always appreciated. Moreover, the offline support implies that users can navigate even in extremely remote areas that lack reliable data connection.

Intelligence is a key aspect when using a pertinent smart phone application such as the HERE maps. I and indeed most people regard this application as a reasonably intelligent system that can offer reliable turn-by-turn guides, information and advice on the best routing options to use and even advise on the best mode of transport to use be it bus, train or tube.


One of the main concerns for me and indeed many users of other offline navigation systems is outdated information and data. A significant portion of HERE apps data is outdated with some of the most notable areas being aerial data and point of interest data. This undermines the overall reliability of the app since the information offered might be confusing. Secondly, the app lacks a feedback mechanism thereby users are not provided with an avenue for airing their views.

After all is said and done, HERE app is indeed one of the most reliable offline navigation apps to use. The app is fairly simply to use and I would strongly recommend it for users who might be new to automated navigation. However, the lack of the most up to date data is a major issue and as such, this app might not be the best option for highly sensitive navigation uses where precision and accuracy is key.


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