Headliner for iPhone

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If passionate users ever had positive dreams of making it big reading the day’s top stories in familiar CNN or any other quality show, then Headliner is a new iOS app professionally designed to take a crowd-sourced novel approach to news-gathering and effective sharing. Headliner for iPhone would certainly satisfy users in several ways.

It is affirmed that Headliner is redefining the news broadcast for the mobile generation. This is a news broadcast that could be effectively consumed anywhere, created anywhere, and is popular social, interactive, and organic. Their good algorithm guarantees a quality experience, with the content originally derived from talented individuals everywhere.

Headliner for iPhone

With this app when users download and log into Headliner, they could really record up to 20 seconds of video discussing news of the day. Then, they could effectively name their post and drop it into respective categories like ‘Sports’ and ‘Politics.’

It is also enumerated that well-made videos could virtually then make it to Headliner’s ‘Featured’ section. In addition this Headliner not only relies on its community for content creation, but also for effective curation and moderation. They also trust people in trusting to upload content which is real, but also make sure users know they’re actually receiving news with quality.

The app’s familiarity started with 40 users and sincerely grew to a few thousand, demonstrated that funny and timely videos professionally floated to the top. More amazingly Headliner looks like an outlet for budding comedians to try out exclusive topical material perhaps improving their skills to become the next eminent personality.

Headliner for iPhone

It is revealed that Headliner is qualitatively searching the most talented people out there those with the funniest, most interesting takes on the news and effectively connecting them with the huge international audience of news consumers. The zeal international users could simply download Headliner today for free in the App Store.