Happn for Android

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The popular dating app Happn for Android would soon get a new feature that makes it easier for their passionate users to meet up in person. Called ‘See You There’, the feature allows you post on your dating profile what you’ll be doing over the next few hours so other people could simply join you. The respective activities would range from going for a run or catching a movie.

The app won’t reveal the location of any activities planned for safety reasons, ‘See You There’ would perfectly work as an additional way to find new ‘Crushes’  Happn’s version of a match. It means that once you cross paths with other like-minded people, Happn would instantly connect you and allow you to have a quick chat to possibly arrange a meeting.

Happn for Android

In order to use the new beneficial feature, users could tap the (+) button on the bottom of their home screens and select from one of Happn’s several activities. Once selected, the activity would be visible to other users for the next for hours. The app’s new component is developed to permit people to meet as they would on any given day during regular daily activities whether at work or at the gym. It will be amazing to see how ‘See You There’ will resonate with Happn’s users.

While it might be the most beneficial feature, ‘See You There’ would at least provide the world of online dating one more alternative to finding a soul mate with respect to criteria other than one’s looks. Tinder already allows you judge people according to their Instagram photos, but hyper-local dating app Happn is taking that up a gear by including Spotify integration.

Happn for Android

The passionate users of the app, which enumerates potential partners who you cross paths with, could simply share songs from Spotify’s catalog on their profiles. You’ll also be able to send songs to your matches through their effective messaging function.