Go Surf for iOS

by Jul 11, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Go Surf for iOS by Diverso Games is an infinite surfer that is not only lucrative to look at, but relaxing as well. Go Surf is just what you require in your game collection. It’s certainly fun to watch others surfing, and kind of their skills well appreciated.

Go Surf has its own unique minimalistic and flat art style that is soothing on the eyes. The attractive colors used in the game range from soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues. There is even a dynamic day and night cycle that users could witness changing in the background on the title screen. Moreover the game’s soundtrack is rather pleasing to hear. In this game of Go Surf they include infinite surfer and so there is only one game mode with different objectives to complete.

Go Surf for iOS

The main goal is to view just how far you can ride this one endless wave, and your score is based mainly on distance. Since this is a public beach and all, you’re going to have to watch out for many obstacles in the water, namely as other beach goers who are around in your path, and hidden dangers lurking beneath the water like shark bait as you get further out.

When you talk about controls in the game they are simple and intuitive. The users could just press the screen when they want to go up the wave, and release your finger to go down. If you go up, users would even be able to get some air time.

Go Surf for iOS

There are also gold medallions that are distributed about in the water, and if users wish to collect it then they can spend them for upgraded power-ups. Interestingly the tropical music is fun to hear, and simple controls are friendly enough for anyone to pick up. If passionate users just like a game that captures joy of surfing and without hitting the waves then this game is made for you.