Get a more holistic overview of your health with HealthChampion

by Apr 9, 2020General0 comments

There’s a lot of data out there about our health, add in the personal data we generate through smart devices and wearables and that is a lot of data. But without access to some of it, or the right tools to use it, what good is it all?

HealthChampion is a new HIPAA verified app which aims to provide you with a more holistic overview of your health, giving the tools you need to improve your health and receive more personalized care. It’s available to download on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.

Currently the app can securely sync electronic health records from over 600,000 health networks and providers. More and more providers are complying with the appropriate regulations to make their data on you available to you, and HealthChampion’s database is growing with it.

If you have a fitness, health or medical smart device, you can connect it to the app and automatically sync that data, too. The app supports over 20 leading brands of fitness device and 25 leading brands of medical & vitals trackers, making it super compatible.

And if all that data wasn’t enough, HealthChampion features a private health journal for you to track and record notes about symptoms, save questions to ask your doctor and make other comments. A timeline view lets you view all your health activities over time. No other app provides you with the data and tools to view such a complete picture of your health.

The app just doesn’t sync all your data, it’s packed full of useful resources including a huge library of ‘Pathways’ to follow. Pathways are programs designed by wellness, health and medical professionals – they are step by step journeys to help you manage and improve your health, specific to your situation. From managing asthma to weight loss to recovering from a major procedure, the personalized Pathways in the app are a trustworthy, reliable resource for you to better your wellbeing.

HealthChampion supports secure profile sharing, meaning that the app is perfect for caregivers, too. You’ll be able to track somebody else’s symptoms, medications, treatments and track their progress through the health pathways.

Download the app on Google Play, iOS or visit their website for more information.