Gemini for iPhone

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Gemini for iPhone by Echostone Games LLC is special experience with a much deeper meaning about earth life itself. If players up for finding a good entertaining game which is more about the journey rather than ultimate destination, and preferably enjoy major life lessons illustrated in abstract way, then Gemini would be right up your good choice.

Gemini is one of the better games in recent times. Among the two stars one of which users could control move fluidly and the particle effects of their trails would wholly light up other stars is just a good sight to behold. The colors in the game range immensely and entirely depend on what environment you’re in.

Gemini for iPhone

The animations are smooth, with the ambient, atmospheric soundtrack is soothing to listen to. The players could experience two modes in Gemini respectively as single and two-Player. The campaign simply features numerous areas for users to journey through, and there is no level select screen. Once if users start journey and then return to the main menu, the game does save your respective progress so users could just choose the environment where you last left off.

The key goal is to join with the other star, which happens to be one of the few remaining, and virtually light up the other stars with objects as you fly towards heaven. The controls in Gemini for iPhone game are easy and intuitive. It is possible to take control of one of the stars the bigger one, and move it left and right by simply tapping on the buttons in the bottom corners.

Gemini for iPhone

In addition the users have to follow along with the smaller star, moving and surfing in tandem with each other, and actively share the joy of overcoming obstacles together. The global users also realize that they can’t really get anywhere just by themselves, as the other respective stars and objects would be high above, as well as heaven itself. It is the situation where the other smaller star actually comes into play.