Futurama for iPhone

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One amazing thing that every user would want is a chance to freely express different game skills without any limitation. Futurama for iPhone would certainly offer extensive entertainment for benefit of users. There is also one interesting fact that the players will discover from this app is how pretty easy it is to get into the game.

Apparently, this game comes with interesting aspects that the players to unravel in order to attain excitement. Futurama by wooga is the highly anticipated mobile game for the Futurama television series. They are the familiar match-four puzzle by Game of Drones so it will appeal to both fans of Futurama as well as the matching game genre.

Futurama for iPhone

It looks simple and could experience all of the familiar characters and hearing their quirky bits of dialogue. It is fairly challenging due to the match-four concept and oddly shaped grids. The varied objectives make to keep the game fresh, and there’s high replay value found.

The visuals in this game retain the classic style of the cartoon series. The graphics are colorful with smooth animations. They have the familiar opening theme music playing in the background. Like typical matching puzzle games, the Game of Drones has users going through levels one-by-one, and meeting respective objectives before they’re able to actively move on to the next relevant stage.

The game has many main objectives including clearing out specific number of certain colored drones, getting rid of toxic waste, destroying boxes, and more. It is a match-four instead of a match-three; the users have to think a bit more carefully about their moves before making them. The levels are all in oddly shaped grids and so players have more freedom when it comes to moving them around.

Futurama for iPhone

For making game more interesting, there are even some enemy drones that would be sent you way, and players have to do battle with them through battle drones. Futurama for iPhone is one of the quality games which would wholly satisfy users need.