Freshdesk Helpdesk Software

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It is real fact that supporting your customers used to be simple. You might sell a product, they’d walk in your store and ask for assistance, and that was it. Now, you sell something, and chances are your global customers would perhaps email, Tweet, call, and fill out the support form on your business site. You wish to provide each customer the best possible support, but how do you professionally manage when tickets are coming in from everywhere?

Freshdesk is sincerely designed to assist you manage the load, as a multi channel customer support app that perfectly works everywhere for your global customers who are likely to need assistance. The users could add simply a support widget to your website or Facebook page, view Twitter for new messages, build a support portal with live chat, professionally manage all your team email addresses, and call a new customer all from the same tool. In cases if you have your own mobile app, you could use Freshdesk’s Mobihelp SDK to add support right into your app. And if you have any respective multiple products, you could support them qualitatively all together. Every message and call would illustrate up in the same dashboard, instant for anyone to reply to.

Freshdesk Helpdesk Software

Moreover the users won’t have to do it alone, either. The email and social network accounts are sincerely designed for just one person, but you require a whole team to manage support. Interestingly this Freshdesk brings every message together, so you could work together on support. It is also possible to view each reply and who sent it, assign tickets to the team member who’d know best what to convey, and relatively add private notes about hard support tickets so others would know exactly where to pick up. And if some cases multiple people reply to the same message, then you have beneficial feature of Freshdesk’s collision detection where it would show you their avatar and a pen icon, so you would know possibly to switch to another ticket.

One could always experience this question of how do you make sure your best customers also get the best support? It’s simple to answer the newest tickets—or the oldest ones—first, but if you have a service level agreement for business customers, you actively require a way to prioritize tickets. With this option of Freshdesk’s SLA tool where it allows you set the limits on how much time you have to answer and possibly solve tickets, and set several limits for each priority level or for particular customer tiers. One could add in your holiday and weekend schedules—and Freshdesk’s automation could easily tag tickets automatically and get rid of spam. It is more certain that you would be able to always trust you know the most key tickets to answer and still keep your vital promises.

Freshdesk Helpdesk Software

According to me giving best support means knowing the most about your customers, this is where Freshdesk is qualitatively designed for. Altogether it professionally keeps track of all your customers, and can sync with Salesforce, Highrise, Google Contacts, and other CRMs, along with popular email marketing, sales tools and much more aspects. One could view each customer’s info inside your tickets, along with their former requests; to assist you solve their respective problems better. 

Freshdesk provides a free 30-day trial that offers you unlimited access for an unlimited number of agents for full 30 days. Apart from this free pricing tier, Freskdesk is also available in four flat rates charged on a per-agent basis. The four tiers are respectively as Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. Eventually this popular Freshdesk satisfies all kind of users in a professional way. You would know that handling any support ticket comes your way is as easy. No matter how your global customers wish to get in touch, it would illustrate their message as just another ticket ready for your qualitative team to solve.