For shoppers, coupons can be a great way to save money on their favourite products and services. They can be found online and in print format. Some shoppers use coupons for convenience while others use them as a way to save money on everyday purchases.

Online shopping has become a common way of shopping for many people. However, there are still people who prefer to shop in stores. In this case, they can use coupons to get discounts and save money.

Shopping coupons are useful for consumers because they give them a chance to get discounts on their favourite items and brands. They also help retailers because it helps them to increase their sales.

How does FreshCo work?

Use the app anywhere and do more before you shop:

• Sign up for a FreshCo account or enter your loyalty card number within your existing account.
• Load your personalized offers and coupons every week to earn loyalty points. Simply present your in-app loyalty card at checkout to benefit from bonus loyalty points, rebates, or even free products! You can also add your card to your mobile wallet.
• Create and save your shopping list to stay organized in the store and check off the items placed in your basket as you go. You can also share your shopping list via text or email easily.
• Browse the weekly flyer and add groceries and products to your shopping list.
• Use the store locator to find the nearest FreshCo store to you and access information and services offered by the store.
• Opt-in to receive notifications that are relevant to your shopping preferences.

Take Away

I love FreshCo, it’s the only app I use to shop. It allows me to quickly find what I need and get discounts and deals on all my purchases. It also has a great selection of products and is easy to navigate.