Foresee for iPhone

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Foresee for iPhone by BorderLeap, LLC is a weather app that actively assists you to plan out your day and activities. Foresee is must have app that will surely help you to make the most of your day given the current weather conditions of your frequently visited areas.

The Foresee app would launch with a gorgeous background photo that is transparent enough for text to be shown illustrated on the foreground. The users would clearly see the present temperature and weather conditions at the top in large text, with a full two-week timeline. They also show with a projected forecast for the next seven days.

Foresee for iPhone

When you are ready to begin planning an activity for the weather, just choose the location you like to plan it for, and then tap on the plus button under the present weather bar. You have lot of options to pick from, and you can just swipe horizontally to scroll through icon ribbon.

The users can easily set their time and date preferences, including how often this activity would occur and at what time range. It is also possible to set it to notify you when your conditions are met as well. After the date and time are set, the users can easily tweak their optimal weather preferences for the activity. This comprises specific temperature ranges, chance of precipitation, cloudiness levels, wind, and humidity levels.

Foresee for iPhone

For changing the background image for your cities, just tap on the photo icon in the upper right corner. It brings up a ribbon of thumbnails that users could scroll through horizontally, and when you search an image you like, just tap on it to pick it. Moreover there is also special introductory tutorial in case you require some guidance on how to use this popular Foresee for iPhone app. Finally this is great app for global users to use.