Flipominos for iPhone

by Jul 5, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Flipominos for iPhone by Ultramegatronic is a professionally generated puzzle game that includes infinite amount of levels. If you like a good brain teaser-like puzzle game, then Flipominos is a match made in heaven. They’re perfect game to kill some time with, and they’re actually stimulating for your mind, which is always a quality thing.

This famous app was intrigued by the minimalist concept and the quality generated levels with infinite possibilities. Flipominos has a super minimalistic aesthetic, as it beneficially features a bland light gray background and monotone checkered grid layouts for each stage. The only sign of lucrative color lies within the blue cube structures and the matching squares on the grid. Moreover the 3-D rendering of Flipominos is good enough with animations are smooth and fluid.

Flipominos for iPhone

Flipominos has passionate players go through the levels one-by-one, though users could also go back and replay stages through the “Level Select” menu option. There are some stages which would be simple, but others would be trickier. As such there are no stars to earn or points to rack up, but users could get a “perfect” if you make no mistakes on a puzzle.

In addition each grid features several layouts, but you have some blue squares shown on the grid. On top of the board would be a blue cube structure, and your main job is to get that structure to match up with the marked base area. The users could also move their object, just swipe anywhere on the screen in the direction you like it to move.

Flipominos for iPhone

Suppose if the structure can’t be moved that way, users would know with flashing red squares and their object would unable to advance. Once the structure matches up with the base, users have successfully completed that stage and would move on to the next. Altogether with over a billion levels in the initial download, there is going to be plenty of activities to keep you busy for a long time.