Filteract for iPhone

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Filteract for iPhone is a photo editing app that professionally permits photographers to selectively apply filters onto images. If you are in the global market for a standalone app that permits you to be selective about how to apply your filters, then Filteract could be worth a look.

An app that can make the selective coloring and filtering process magical ? Why not? The app is decent enough and works effectively well. Filteract has a simple and clean design which tries to stay out of the way so users could immensely focus on the photographs at hand. The app has a dark theme, as most photo editor apps do, which places strong emphasis on your images for each screen section. The relevant icons for each tool are straightforward and recognizable, so there isn’t much of a learning curve.

Filteract for iPhone

It is also revealed that filters at the bottom offer you a preview of what your image would look like with it applied, which means less guesswork and faster results. Filteract minimalistic design makes it simple to get your photos in, edit them with a few taps.

There are two ways to get images into Filteract respectively as import from your Photo Library or obtain a new capture from the Camera. Once when users have their image, they could use finger to scroll the filter ribbon along the bottom, which illustrated you a preview of how the filter looks on the image before you apply it.

If you need the filter to be applied to the entire image, the users could just long-press the filter and it would get slapped on the whole thing. Moreover if you double-tap a filter, it brings up the filter intensity adjustment slider, so users can make the effect stronger or weaker.

Filteract for iPhone

The paint roller would be your typical paintbrush tool, permitting you to “paint” the filter on wherever you like. Once you’re done with your image, just tap on the “Share” button to bring up a Share Sheet. The users could easily save the image to photos, share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.