Eristica Puts the Dare In Truth and Dare

by Apr 29, 2019Android App Reviews0 comments

Remember playing truth and dare as a kid? Your friends would get you to say or do some truly outrageous things. If you ever fail to do the dare then your friends would mercilessly mock you. Even if you completed the dare, all you would get out of it is an interesting story. If you were lucky.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get something more than just a story to tell someone, which they may or may not believe? Well, with the app Eristica, this dream becomes a reality.

The challenge-based video app is a fresh new take on the viral video market that is unlike anything we have ever seen before. As part of the FunTech industry, Eristica is making advances towards fixing a lot of the previous issues that many users had with other FunTech apps.

The premise of the app is to challenge friends and other users of the app. When they complete the challenge, they are awarded bitcoin. This elevates what is at stake for completing dares and can help someone not only get rich, but also get famous.

As time goes on, internet users are finding it harder and harder to find stuff that genuinely amuses them  among the mass of negative online video content. Even with the plethora of videos on YouTube and several other online sharing platforms, the frequency of quality video content is still not enough in many cases.

After the footage has been captured, it is uploaded to the app and the community will view it to make sure that the challenge was successfully completed. If the community is entertained and satisfied that you have completed the challenge, then your app account will be flooded with virtual currency as a reward. Otherwise, the money will go to the person who created the challenge. You can also comment on and share videos if you see something or do something that you think others will want to see.

Overall, Eristica is the perfect way to get the video content that you want to see. Interested in watching a person sled down a hill on a garbage can lid? Then challenge someone to do it and wait for the video to roll in. It is a fantastic addition to the FunTech industry.

This means that there is a need for other apps to rise up and fill in that gap in entertaining viral videos.  With its incredible user base of over 1.5 million users, Eristica is hoping to be the app that does this and it is already well on its way.

It starts with users creating some kind of crazy or entertaining challenge on the app. They put some money down as a bet that no one will complete said challenge. From there, the clock starts ticking as you have only a certain amount of time to accept the challenge. There is no obligation to accept or complete any challenges, although that is the only way to gain financial rewards and fame within the app.

Once you have accepted the challenge and put some of your money down before your attempt, it is time to put yourself to the test. Open up the camera on your phone and get ready to capture some epic footage of you completing whatever stunt you were challenged to complete.