Enjoy the Company of People Wherever You Go with Outist

by Dec 6, 2019General0 comments

Wherever we go, we always want someone to accompany us. Travelling alone might be boring and if we have someone beside us that would be a great strength and our outing becomes a memorable one. Finding a company is not easier as our friends and family may be busy with other chores and they may not be able to come with us wherever we go. One app that helps you enjoy the company of like-minded people and that too with reference is Outist.

Outist is an app that helps you to connect with other members who make use of it. It aims in connecting different individuals, travellers, expats and other locals so that your time outside home becomes pleasurable. It enables you to make your own events and invite friends to it. It is just one simple means to meet new people, hang out with them and try new events and places.

Download and sign up with your email id and name, upload your photo and create your own profile by adding a few more details and you are done with it. The app’s menu has three columns namely: Nearby, Feed and Your Events. The ‘Nearby’ column brings in the number of people who are near you. It asks you to specify the distance in miles so as to fetch those who are living within the mentioned distance. The ‘Feed’ is where you can track the events that are happening inside the distance that was specified by you. Under this section, you can create your own events and invite friends. The ‘Your Events’ column keeps track of the events made by you and also those events that you find to be interesting.

You can create your own groups and make events to join fitness or a dance class. Users can share interests with someone who have the similar requirements and plan to meetup with them. You can join any communities near you and start contributing to it. Using Outist you can be updated of the nearby events, shows that are open to public and plan your schedule according. If you are travelling somewhere, you can learn about their culture and places that might interest you. You can even find a foodie companion, a language exchange partner, etc.,

The advantages with Outist are many and it gives you references from trusted users as well. When you have this app with you, your wandering possibilities are endless and moreover you have a company by your side to take care of everything. The app is free for download and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Download Outist today, explore new places, make new friends and live every moment!

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