Drupe for Android

by Mar 11, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

I’ve been impressed by Drupe’s intellectual design since I discovered it a year ago. The app professionally allows you to connect with your contacts just by simple dragging and dropping their vivid pictures onto the app of your choice, whether it’s WhatsApp, SMS or phone. It is also enumerated that Drupe integrated a dialer a few months ago. Now they have got new exclusive features to make it even simpler to get in touch with your valuable contacts.

This free app, which could be invoked by swiping on its floating button from your home screen or any app, now effectively permits you to call people utilizing popular Google Hangouts, WhatsApp as well as Skype’s service for connecting to mobile and landline numbers.

Drupe for Android

They also allow you to send direct messages to your friends on Twitter. The dialer has couple of new tricks up their sleeve. The users could key in a number and then drag it to any of your phone or messaging apps, just as you would with saved quality contacts. So it comes in handy when you’re exchanging numbers with someone for the very first time.

It is also possible to dial and long press the call button to launch straight into popular speakerphone mode. There is new addition of missed call handler, which, instead of hiding unanswered calls in your history, effectively displays them as floating bubbles. With the rest of Drupe’s interface, the users could easily drag each of these to your app of selective to reply.

Drupe for Android

The interesting part about Drupe is that it makes contacting people more intuitive. It’s infinitely simpler to first find them in the app by effectively dialing, searching or swiping through your lists of recent callers and favorites. And later selecting how you wish to get in touch with them, than possibly other way around.

If you wish to ping someone at a later time, the users could drop their picture onto the reminder bubble and include a note so you don’t actually forget. I also like the thumb-swipe option, which actually allows you to target apps without having to cover the entire width of your screen. One could also experience many beneficial features like the ability to create a calendar event and invite a contact to it all in one go, and searching up their address on a map if you have it saved. The users could also effectively change up the look of the app by choosing from a range of backgrounds. I’ve found Drupe to be far more useful than most dialers bundled with Android phones.