Doobido: Original Indian Funny/Dance Videos

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There are many benefits to dancing. Dance has consistently been a piece of human festivals, culture and ceremonies. In the current day, dancing is for the most part about articulation and diversion. Dancing is a pleasant form to communicate one’s considerations and emotions. It is known to improve the states of the heart and the lungs. It likewise gives a pleasant friendship for individuals who are desolate and improves their state of mind. While dancing individuals are known to build up a superior certainty and social abilities. For obese individuals dancing is the correct exercise and a pleasant one at that as it keeps the body weight in balance.‘Doobido: Original Indian Funny/Dance Videos’ is a mobile video app that enables people to share their videos of dancing and go viral.

Developed by:

Doobido: Original Indian Funny/Dance Videos’ was designed and developed by ‘SB Consultants Tech’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Doobido: Original Indian Funny/Dance Videos’ app on to your mobile phone or other compatible devices. You can begin the application and make short recordings with like-minded people. You can share recordings and get them viral surprisingly fast. The user will have the option to watch posts which are put up by others. You can begin the application by making your own profile by adding in your name, profile picture and gender orientation and afterward share the recordings. You an additionally make your own recordings and offer them or post them on your page for others to see.

Features of the app:

Doobido: Original Indian Funny/Dance Videos’ has many attractive features that are listed here.

  • Upload videos every day
  • Users will be able to share, like and comment on their favourite videos
  • Multiple categories to choose from
  • Upload hundreds of videos using the app

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