Doo for iPhone

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It is proven fact that there’s no shortage of productivity apps on the global market, but many to-do apps end up overwhelming the user with the never-ending list of things to get process done. Doo wish to assist work you through your agenda, one item at a time. It also helps you get things done by encouraging small, achievable reminders.

Doo for iPhone

Each reminder the users create becomes a card. So it is possible to swipe cards away to mark them completed and power through your to-do list. Using cards, they allow you add tasks to your list and actively set a time, date, and an optional alert function. It is also enumerated that for each event features sweet illustrations that best match your calendar item, namely as a birthday party, or a vital office meeting.

Every time when users open the app, Doo surfaces one item at a time so users could easily be reminded to and get things done. If you require snoozing, gently tapping the clock or actively swipe down to push it back, or progressively click the checkmark or swipe up to complete it. The snoozed items could be accessed later through the sidebar menu, or get rotated back into the list. Even your tasks could also sync with iCloud so users could set reminders outside of the app.

Doo for iPhone

The main focus of Doo is to assist users break down their to-do list into small, actionable steps rather than one big project. If the app actively detects that you’ve entered a big task with a long description, it might even recommend you consider breaking it out into separate pieces.

Those users who are able to obtain through all their relevant tasks are rewarded with a happy illustration of sunshine at the finish. Have a big project? Then Doo would certainly prompt you if a task looks too big and provide ways to set you up for grand success.