Disco Party for iPhone

by Sep 29, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Disco Party for iPhone by Appsolute Games LLC is famous puzzle platformer that would get users into the groove with old-school jams. If players have enjoyed games like Mimpi Dreams and Super Phantom Cat, then they will like Disco Party.

In terms of visuals, Disco Party has a charming pattern. It has a disco theme going on and looks natural. The puzzles starts off simple but they get harder as you power through. The customization adds an extensive incentive for players.

Disco Party for iPhone

The character models have realistic movements and perfect outfits that fit the disco era. The stage layouts have good number of detail. This is a puzzle platformer style where it includes level-based of four different worlds that comprise 15 stages each.

The important goal in each level is to get your character to their love interest and actively avoid rival security guards while collecting respective golden discs along the way. For performing this, the users will have to manipulate certain tiles on the ground to do many functions, and new game mechanics are effectively introduced in each chapter at uniform pace.

There would be special tiles on the ground that players could manipulate with a tap. The first tap would effectively turn the tile blue with a straight arrow, which virtually causes your character to turn around once they step on the tile. In the case of second tap it makes red with a curved arrow, describing your character would jump forward from that tile. While in the case of third and last tap it actively changes to a yellow tile with two vertical arrows, and this aptly inverts the gravity for your character.

Disco Party for iPhone

As global users make progress, they would encounter numerous new obstacles, respectively as multiple rival security guards, spikes, spinning blades, lasers, and much more. The players pass through stages and will earn coins. These coins could be actively spent in the game’s shop to unlock new characters.