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If you are a journalist or a website owner, you need to gather information by searching from different sources and then process, organize, analyze and use it in your work. The time taken to do this task is bigger as every year information becomes larger and larger. You can’t collect data by doing a copy and paste from the websites you need as it’s very complicated and time consuming.

What you will do now? Do you have any software or any other option by which you can do this work fast and easily? I am sure, you don’t have! But now, you have the opportunity to automate this long process through Web Scraping and it is done by a software called “Diggernaut, available in its Beta version currently. It is an amazing tool which will not only speed up the data collection but also saves a lot of time to do other important tasks. Want to know what Diggernaut does exactly for you? Let me tell you! It can do data Extraction, Scraping and Collection in such an easy way. Isn’t it cool?

The Diggernaut is a cloud based service which turns unorganised web content into well structured data sets. Suppose, you want to copy the information from a suppliers site, traditionally you will copy the content line by line and save the data. But with Diggernaut, you can do it within a couple of seconds with the help of a digger, a tiny robot that can do web scraping on your behalf and extract data from websites for you, normalize it in a suitable format and save it to the cloud. Just leave it up to them to get your work done.

Once it’s done, you can download it in CSV, XLS, JSON format or even retrieve it using the API. You can use one digger for multiple sites or pages to collect data having the same structure.

Diggernaut can extract almost everything on the web, some of them are:

  • Web scraping in journalism.
  • Product prices and other related information from retailer sites.
  • Statistical data from different sources.
  • Analytical data representing election status and reports and even obtain court related documents.
  • Different types of events happening in different parts of the world.

You don’t need to be an expert in programming, you can use its Visual Extractor Tool to build configuration for your digger. It’s a simple point and click application where you select the data you want to extract and set its output structure. It has OCR functionality too, which allows you to extract text from images. There are video tutorials explaining how to use it on its sandbox website.

If you don’t want to spend any time on diggernaut, just leave the work to its developer, who will do all the work and you have to simply receive the data in the requested format.

So, when you are living in this Modern Information environment, then why do you waste your time on doing the work manually? Just try Diggernaut and make your work easy!

Diggernaut offers a Free plan which you can use as long as you like which is much better than the free trial due to its better functionality. Give it a try now!

PROS: data collection, scraping and extraction made easy; saves time; turns web content into data sets; helpful in almost every organisation; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Trying App – Try Diggernaut Now