Cue D for iPhone

by Nov 5, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Cue D for iPhone by Spiel Studios is considered as exciting new take on the traditional game of billiards. The international users rather than going the classic cue sports game route, Cue D perfectly combines puzzles with pool for a welcome challenge, particularly to fans of the genres.

Like other popular standard puzzle games, Cue D for iPhone is level-based and has 100 stages for global users to go through from the get-go. The game has one giant pack of puzzles, and players have to go through them in order. Since this familiar game unlocks around two stages after the one you are currently on, players could skip a stage if you’re badly stuck and might come back to it later.

Cue D for iPhone

It is illustrated that players only get five complete skips with the initial download. The levels are linear but still offer you a bit of leg room if you are badly stuck and just need a small breather. The key goal of each stage is easy with apt strikes of all the lighted pegs on the table and then pot the ball.

The controls in Cue D for iOS are intuitive. The players can utilize their finger and drag anywhere on the screen to bring up the light blue cue stick in aiming your shot. The longer the stick is, the more power which would be behind it. For striking the ball, the players can release their finger from the screen.

It’s actually best to wait until your ball stops moving for your next shot, the game do allow you to aim the ball even while it’s still in motion, so if players are quality professionals then you can try to complete the level faster.

Cue D for iPhone

The players can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals on each stage depending on how fast you are and how many shots you actually took, so less is more here. The graphics are easy enough and the music is quirky with the controls are super facile for anyone to learn, even permitting one-handed play.