Criptext for Web

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Amidst many beneficial mobile applications this popular Criptext for Web perfectly allows user to recall any message you send through service with just a click. For international app users who require unsend an email or attachment this app would primarily assist them.

This Criptext for Web is presently available for Gmail as an extension for Chrome and Safari. The Criptext professionally encrypts your outgoing mail and enumerates you when it was opened. It also perfectly converts your email text into an image only when it’s opened, so it might be effectively scanned by bots.

Criptext for Web The app users could simply recall a message at any time or set it to self-destruct after a specified time. Criptext also qualitatively allows you to securely send attachments up to 100MB in size. It neatly encrypts your attached files, illustrates them in a custom attachment viewer and offers you the best option to lock them with a password or block printing amidst relevant downloading.

The international app users could install the extension and check the Enable box when sending a message from your Gmail inbox. It is said that new Email Activity button enables you the read status of your secure messages and the simple option to recall them. For sake of international global app users the Criptext is free and would actively continue to serve for users. They also sincerely seek feedback from users to improve their existing features and offer new beneficial ones.

Criptext for Web

The beneficial aspects might be too much for most users, but it could be just the thing firms require to maintain control over their correspondence specifically in major vital sectors like healthcare, consulting and legal services. With more companies becoming aware of the requirement for secure communication channels, Criptext for Web is sensational workaround for features. Altogether this app would certainly satisfy all requirements of users.