Cove for iPhone

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When passionate app users want to express their feelings on paper, it’s not always as simple as it sounds. So instead of trying to get individuals to describe how they actually feel this Cove for iPhone likes people to express themselves through the medium of electronic music.

Naturally the feelings are complex and sometimes there are just no words for what you’re virtually trying to illustrate. For users who struggle with anxiety or just search it difficult to even analyze their own relevant moods, melodies could prove quality tool of expression.

Cove for iPhone

The app is effectively built on the principles of musical theory; it has 6 harmonically evolving sounds to help you begin and zeal app users could build on these where they could play around with tones, without having to know the pros and cons of music. As such you have no right or wrong sounds for individual to use or develop, the main focus is that individual marvel pieces of music than simply resonate emotionally with them.

When you actually start, the users choose from four base moods namely as playful, longing, calm, struggling. These virtually serve as the basis for your piece of music. The lucrative display looks like water, so when users are adding to your tune by tapping the screen, in fact your taps appear as stones in the water describing your own personal cove. While an app to illustrate melodies might seem easy in their nature, if it could help to de-stigmatize emotional well being in any way, then it would be best app for you.

Cove for iPhone

The users could often experience multiple emotions at once, feeling something that is hard to illustrate. By effectively creating music, it’s possible to explore several types of emotions: joy, sadness, calm, anger. Cove for iPhone it’s easy to develop something that captures complex moods.