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It goes almost without saying that mobile apps are the order of the day. Sounds odd but people are slowly moving from desktops and laptops to tablets and other mobile devices. That said and done, you could be losing on your marketing front if you haven’t incorporated mobile marketing in your business strategies. Fortunately, the bitter pill has to be swallowed by mobile app marketers and designers. Not business owners, who are consumers like other app users. So what is it that mobile app designers aren’t doing right? Why aren’t mobile app marketers still struggling to break even with some targeted consumers?

Here are the answers.


Always design your mobile app with the end result in mind. Then market it accordingly. In a web 2.0 scenario, it is very important to be certain of the purpose of the app. Take into account the last action your customer will do after clicking your app. Do you want him or her to make an outright purchase, leave his or her contact details or request a quote? Your design should be inspired from this very purpose. In a nutshell, do not infuriate the user.


It is the simple things that matter. With that in mind, try the best you can to let animations and graphics work independently. They should not at any point interfere with basic functionality of the website such as the ease and convenience of logging in and performing the desired action. Simply put, your app should be user friendly.


Create an ‘ergonomic’ design if you want to impress consumers. Like hinted, your app should be user friendly. But that is not all. The design should be appealing. Keep its look and feel the same across repetitive operations. That way, your app will stand out as impressive and entertaining. You won’t even need lots of mobile app marketing. The design, together, with the apps user friendly functionality will do the trick.


Everyone is concerned about their security and of course, privacy. Consumers have a right to security, so you have no choice but to ensure their data is safe with your app. Any kind of security lapse or mishap that results to potential data leakage, identity theft or data theft is a surefire way to tarnish your reputation within seconds. Always assure and reassure people in your mobile app marketing techniques how secure you app is. Then prove it to them.Using scrolling designConsumers do not like to scroll down and cut through the clutters by window crossing websites. They want simplicity. That said and done, enable them to quickly do what they want. Do not force them to see and use what you want to show.


Any effective mobile app marketing strategy should include taking advantage of the sharing option. If your app is good and you are sure about it, you will have an easy time marketing it. Consumers will simply share it with their friends, families and colleagues. It will be more fun on your part anytime you upgrade the app and offer consumers free or discounted better versions, so never ignore the power of the share button.