Cola Messenger for iOS

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It is well enumerated that Cola Bubbles make everything simpler such as scheduling, making decisions, and coordinating tasks. The users could do it all inside Cola without requiring to jump in and out of other apps.

This new app Cola thinks it could make life simpler for users, particularly those who don’t want to be tied into a larger social network. By utilizing the chat interface as a medium, Cola keeps its tools social as well. When users communicate with others, asking where you are would permit the person on the other end of the chat to instantly share a map view with their actual place effectively pinned.

Cola Messenger for iOS

The users could also effectively share to-do lists with Cola, and send quick polls to friends. The shared calendar makes scheduling things faster and simpler. It is also affirmed that Cola duly supports groups; the same one-on-one functionality noted above could be effectively applied to chats with multiple users. The app might perform slightly different of sharing locations with the group as a full screen view.

Cola stands out effectively with Bubbles, which are interactive chat. It also appears in the stream. The detail in those bubbles, like flight information, is professionally updated in real-time. The app has a fluid, popular UI without a lot of different views to get utilized to, and users won’t be actually bouncing around from app to app on your phone. The organization conveys that one Bubble could do the job of a dozen text messages.

Cola Messenger for iOS

Actually the firm policy is “text less, do more,” and it shows effectively. The app is currently only available for iOS. There is no Android app has been announced. Eventually one interactive Cola Bubble does the job of 10, 20, or more text message. This Cola app makes everything you do in messaging easier. So the users could use Cola to keep things moving by simpler means.