Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs – Review

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Do you have a guitar at home that is just collecting dust? Have you ever wanted to try a few chords but you do not know where to start? Or you just want to learn how to play one?

If you have said yes to any of these questions above, then you might want to look into our review of Coach Guitar. This is an App that can be downloaded from the App Store and installed on your mobile device and apparently, coach you into learning how to play the guitar without the awkward theories that real-life coaches give. Today, we will be looking into how to get started, what are the features, and everything that is good or bad about this App.

Getting Started

To get started, the App needs to be downloaded from the App Store. Once the App is installed, tap on “Get Started” and you will be redirected to the Welcome page where you tap on the level of your guitar playing skills. If you are a beginner, tap on “I’m a beginner!” and choose Next. There are four levels to choose from, please choose an honest level since this will greatly dictate the lessons that you will be taking.

On the next tab, you will be able to choose one song for your first demo lesson. At the time this review was written the choices are Let it Be, Angie, Back in Black, Californication, Hello, and House of the Rising Sun. After choosing a song that you like, the next tab will contain the sign-up process. You can connect the App to your Facebook account, Google + or you can sign up with an email address.

Once the sign-up process has been done, you will be redirected to the user homepage where you can see your photo and lesson list. The available lessons are “Basics For Beginners 1” and the music that you have chosen earlier before the user welcome page. Now that we have created an account, logged into the App, it is time to explore the features that it has to offer!


One great thing about this App is that it is so detailed and user-friendly that even a beginner can understand what the App is trying to say. One of their main features is that they boast the basic essentials that a new guitarist should know about. The basic course has videos showing How to hold the guitar and guitar pick, how to use their color scheme (this will be discussed later in this review), finger position, wrist position, chords, and patterns. There are fourteen (14) basic modules that you need to go through before taking on your beginner song.

Below is the color scheme list for Coach Guitar:

Thumb – Light Blue
Index Finger – Red
Middle Finger – Purple
Ring Finger – Green
Little Finger – Yellow

“You don’t need to know anything about music theory to learn, just retain this simple color scheme” -Coach Guitar

What about songs? Their song title list is huge! And this is perfectly arranged in different tabs so that you would not have a hard time going through all of them.

Tops – Contains the top viewed titles in the App
Levels – You are able to search for song titles depending on the level you are currently at.
Basics – Dedicated tab for basic level learning (Basics level lesson up to 6)
Titles – Available song titles listed from A-Z
Artists – Artists listed from A-Z
Genre – Choose from Rock, Funk, Folk, Pop, Electro, Classic Rock, Blues, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Latin, and official Soundtracks.

They also have a premium pass that can be tried out for 7 Days without any charge. After the free trial, their premium pass costs $9.99 per month. What do you get out of it? You get unlimited access to all lessons, the app can be installed on multiple devices, new lessons every week, and a couple of more perks.

Guitar Tuner – The tuner can be accessed through the fork-like logo on the upper left-hand side of the App. This is great since you do not need to buy a tuner as it comes for free!

Pros and Cons

-Hundreds of available songs
-Free to download and install (with purchasable content)
-Color Scheme (makes it easier for beginners)
-HD videos load fast

-Premium Wall (There’s premium content)
-App has loading problems


The Coach Guitar App is a really awesome App with so many features to easily get lost with! It literally took us an hour just to look through the App, that’s how awesome it is. Though it obviously needs some performance tweaking, the main (videos) tutorial isn’t that bad at all when it comes to responsiveness. We specifically love the color scheme because it is something new and different from boring book tutorials where you read notes and stuff! Yes, it is something new and unorthodox, but the results are still the same. All-in-all, this App is really nice to have if you are planning to learn how to play the guitar.

Worth Having App – Download the App