Chat Private with This Tiny Companion ShazzleChat

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Have you ever desired for a peer-to-peer connection that is fully safe and private? People use smartphones on a wide range today and they are able to establish connections in fraction of a second. It creates a private network and we tend to fear all our communications on the web are exposed. We desire for an application that gives full control of privacy to our hands. Yes, ShazzleChat app restricts data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery by other means.

The ShazzleChat app of the communication category allows you to invite all the contacts on the phone, identify active members and also add new contacts. It greatly helps in keeping everything private with your network without any servers or the web and it is totally secure. All the content is present only with the sender and the recipient.

Download the app on the Google Play Store and just enter your phone number and you will be able to get a verification code that has to be entered and that’s it, you are done. Create your own profile by giving the name, address and email. ShazzleChat now asks permission to access and import your contacts. When you have to invite a friend and want them to join on ShazzleChat, just choose a friend and send an SMS invite. The contact now becomes an active user and there you go to have a private conversation with them.

The app has many unique features and I personally love them all. ShazzleChat helps you to have private conversations with friends and family and all the media – shared photos and videos can be set with a timer that self-destructs. The app also asks for a passcode setup for added security. With this, users can create groups of friends and families and start chatting with them. All the private info stays safe with you and you have the complete authority to decide whether you must save the files (docs, audio & video) or share them according to your preference.

ShazzleChat uses the finest technology that comes with ensuring your privacy in the internet communications. It doesn’t ask you to compromise your privacy for the sake of being connected with people across. Conversations can be either private or professional; you need not have any fear of third parties confiscating your data.

It is completely free for download for all Android users and the beta version of the iOS app is also available. ShazzleChat allows for peer-to-peer chat with full privacy under a secure platform.  

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