by Apr 24, 2023Web Applications0 comments is a tool for monitoring, quantifying, and evaluating organic engagement on 4chan, specifically /biz/, around specific cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and other investments.

For nearly two decades, 4chan has had an impact on internet culture, serving as a forerunner in terms of ideas, memes, and, more recently, picking up investments before the rest of the internet even recognised them.

The objective of working with is to provide the ability to identify such trends and to be an early adopter of new technologies and opportunities before they reach a larger audience in the mainstream part of the internet’s ecosystem.

What exactly is $CHAN?

$CHAN is an ERC20 token with a fixed supply of 21 million $CHAN that is used to pay for service subscriptions. The monthly subscription fee will be denominated in US dollars, with a rate based on the uniswap price of 1 $CHAN. Furthermore, our smart contract will automatically burn 50% of each $CHAN paid in subscription.

For instance, if the monthly subscription costs $50 and 1 $CHAN is priced at $1 on Uniswap, the user will send 50 $CHAN to our smart contract, resulting in a 25 $CHAN burn. Our standard membership costs $50 per month, and customers can subscribe for up to a year at a reduced rate.


Wide crypto list

  • Currently, Chanalog tracks and analyses over 7000 cryptocurrencies.

Filters those are extremely effective

  • Use our powerful filtering system to search our extensive list of cryptocurrencies. You can combine filters to find the exact criteria you require.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Chanalog analyses each post in which a cryptocurrency is mentioned to determine its sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative). The accuracy of this feature, which is currently in alpha, will continue to improve.

Bridge Toll (Private Sale Unlock)

The bridge toll is a dynamic lock-up mechanism which enables private sale investors to liquidate their coins at their leisure and before the nine-month lock-up period expires. The fee begins at 60% and gradually decreases over the course of nine months. If an investor chooses to pay the fee, the coins will be permanently burned, based on the current applicable percentage.

Liquidity Mining Program

They will run a liquidity mining programme for the first two years after launch to improve liquidity from the community on DEXs in addition to our own liquidity. During the first two years, coins will be awarded to Uniswap liquidity providers with a monthly payout based on the liquidity provided by each address in relation to the total pool of liquidity.

Final Words offers users the capability to observe, measure, and assess the organic engagement on 4chan and particularly /biz/, related to certain cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and other investments.