Pencil Photo Sketch: Make your ordinary photo into extraordinary artwork

Pencil Photo Sketch: Make your ordinary photo into extraordinary artwork

Do you want to make your favorite photo into a heart-grabbing artwork? You can use Pencil Photo Sketch. It is a nicely designed sketching app that makes your photo editing process much simpler. The most impressing thing about this tool is that it makes users a professional artist by developing a pencil sketch.

Apart from that, you can get a chance to create a colorful sketch of your picture. Using this app is very simple. The only thing folk has to do is take the desired image from the gallery. It is because this app can take of everything. By using this app, you can create an impressive pencil sketch effect within a few seconds. Another highlight of this photo editor app is that it supports several effects, including:

  • Pencil Sketch
  • Light Sketch
  • Cartoon Art
  • Color Drawing
  • Crayon

Amazing features

Pencil Photo Sketch is well-known for creating precise effects on your chosen picture. All of them can be achieved with the help of these unique features. It includes:

  • Smooth and simple design
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Boasting of more than 15 artistic effects
  • You can find out twenty photo filters
  • It supports over ten editing options
  • Single tap for sharing the images to social media

What makes Pencil Photo Sketch ideal for everyone?

Using this photo editor app is the right way to add the desired cartoon art effects and sketches to your photos. Besides, it brings you a fantastic chance to record the entire moment. With this app, you can turn your picture into an attractive pencil portrait instantly. It is otherwise called a sketch drawing app. It is because this photo editor tool lets you edit images by adding stunning, awesome drawing and sketch pencil art effects. There are lots of photo editing and amazing sketching filters available in this tool. There are capable of changing your ordinary photos into extraordinary artwork.

How to use this photo editor app?

It is good news for photo editing lovers that this app does not involve any complicated procedures. Hence, it ensures that anyone can use this app and achieve the desired effects without facing any difficulties.

  • At first, you can choose a picture from your gallery or take a photo
  • Once you selected the photo, you can go to the effects.
  • There are different effects available in this app including pencil sketch, silhouette, crayon, drawing and color pencil effects
  • From these multiple options, you can choose your favorite effect for your photo
  • The next step is to save the image with the applied effect to your image gallery

Most significantly, this app gives you another chance to share the edited image with your beloved friends on various social media platforms

Key benefits

When you use this amazing Sketch Photo Maker, you can get a chance to edit your photo and convert it into a lovely crayon drawing or artwork. By sharing the edited image on social media, you can impress your loved ones. The result of this photo editor app is really stunning. These are the highlighting features of Sketch Photo Maker that make it an ideal choice for all your photo editing needs.

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Sophrosyne – The Perfect Book App for Mystery Lovers

Sophrosyne – The Perfect Book App for Mystery Lovers

Most smartphones have a bigger display that makes reading easier. We can also increase the font size to the next level so that we don’t have to worry about smaller texts and we can turn our reading experience as per our preferences. E-books apps are of various kinds and if you have an interest in reading mystery, you can download Sophrosyne.

Sophrosyne is a greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined with well-balanced individual paves way to other good qualities like moderation, prudence, purity and a lot more. Sophrosyne stories feature this and they always give you a good reading experience. An app is launched by this name on November 2, 2019. You can simply read gripping stories using this.

What is the app about?

Sophrosyne belongs to the News and Magazines category and it has got ten commute length stories that would fascinate all the mystery lovers. It gets you to read the novel written by the author Felix Long. The app features the story of a detective named Hubert Maimone who solves a series of bizarre deaths that all lead back to him. We will never be able to guess how until we read the tale.

Working of Sophrosyne:

Just pay and download it via Google Play or the App Store to read the book. Tap on the book you want to read and there you go. Another novel by the author is Conquer Heaven that is full of action and here, ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and you can read this story when you make a purchase through the app.

About the Author:

Inspired by many writers like HP Lovecraft, PG Wodehouse and Barbara Kingsolver, Author Felix Long has come up with many short stories. The author’s first book is Conquer Heaven and he is rewriting Habnab and will soon plan to start on Huldofolk Magic. The author has planned to write three books after finishing them.

The official website is where you get to know about him and his works. You can read the short stories and like, share them with your friends on Facebook. You can subscribe to the mailing list by giving your name and email address on the website.

Sophrosyne can be downloaded at a price of $2.99 and it is suitable for all those above 16 years of age. It has got a neat interface and is guaranteed to offer you an awesome read.

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Date night? Need a break? Find the perfect sitter with NannyHunt!

Date night? Need a break? Find the perfect sitter with NannyHunt!

Find full-time, part-time and backup babysitters easily on NannyHunt, available to download for free on iOS and Google Play now!

Whether you and your loved one want a date night but don’t have anybody to look after the children, or you simply need a helping hand with the kids when life gets hectic, finding a babysitter doesn’t have to be stressful.

Typically hiring a babysitter involves a lot of stress and anxiety. Do you trust this stranger to look after your children? Thankfully, NannyHunt harnesses the power of social media to provide you with a list of local babysitters who have been recommended, rated and reviewed by close friends and connections. Now you can see what others say about a sitter before you consider hiring them!

When you’ve found a potential sitter you can send them a job posting directly. Not sure who to hire? Post a job on the NannyHunt network and watch the applications roll in! You can fill out the job description, any duties you’ll need from your sitter, if you need them to be pet friendly etc. See the sitter’s hourly rate in advance and communicate using the in-app messenger to smooth out the details. It really is that simple!

For sitters, NannyHunt provides a LinkedIn style platform where you can find part-time or full-time jobs, connect with parents and generate some extra income. Reviews are given for parents and sitters, creating job transparency and a safe environment for everybody. You can fill out your bio, set your hourly rate in advance and get paid directly into your bank account. What’s more you can build stronger relationships with parents by communicating via the in-app messaging feature.

Download NannyHunt for free today on iOS and Google Play!

Verkoop – The Best Ever Online Shopping App for All Africans

Verkoop – The Best Ever Online Shopping App for All Africans

Do you live in Africa? Have you tried the Verkoop app? If not, I would suggest that you would give this app a try so that you won’t look elsewhere when you need to do some shopping. Verkoop comes with many unique features and it gives you a whole new and fun shopping experience.

What is Verkoop about?

Powered by the official Verkoop store, it is a shopping app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It is a social shopping marketplace that allows all the Africans to buy and sell goods online. The app has a wide range of products from fashion to furniture, clothes to computer etc. It combines the technology of augmented reality with the e-commerce application to assist customers in searching for products easily.

Working of the app: 

All that you have to do is to sign in using your Facebook, Google or email account to make use of the app. Just take a click of the item you wish to buy and Verkoop brings all the products related to the picture you took. Using this, you can buy new and old products as well as sell your used products. Users can also use the search bar and browse through the various category of products. It is loaded with a plethora of products of different categories like cars, car accessories, clothes, motorbikes, footwear, bags, watches, kitchenware and what not? You can find everything from A-Z on the website and the app.

The interface is clean and neat and it loads very faster. The different menus make everything easily understandable and accessible. The payment modes and transactions are protected with the best security methods to avoid prying eyes. They accept cash on delivery, facilitate e-wallet functionality and other advanced payment options also.

Special features of the app:

The most unique feature of the app is the image recognition and AR (augmented reality) that allows you to take a snap of the item that you wish to purchase/sell. The app has about 30 million products for you to buy and you will find all the exclusive products here. Verkoop gives you many offers and their discount prices are highly competitive when compared with other shopping sites. You can also chat with the seller, make a bargain and close the deal.

The utilities of Verkoop doesn’t end here as it helps you to browse through various jobs and services, books flight tickets and make reservations in a hotel and buy tickets for different local shows or concerts. You can also apply for a loan and get it pre-approved by the bank with this. 

The easy to navigate feature, great prices, exceptional design and utilities and appreciable customer support makes the app stand out from the other similar ones in the market. 

Looking for the best shopping website in South Africa? Then, Verkoop it is.

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My Canada Payday:The Dynamic App for all your Credit Requirements

My Canada Payday:The Dynamic App for all your Credit Requirements

In this busy, fast-paced world, everyone likes having a single app to keep tabs on their banking and financial needs. Physically traveling to the bank to avail loans is a thing of the past. With the hectic lifestyle not allowing any time for visiting banks to avail various credit facilities, the new app called MyCanadaPayday comes to the rescue. It is an innovative app that helps make life easier for users. Through the app, users can avail loans and get it credited directly to their bank accounts. This saves a lot of time for the users.

So what exactly can this app do? Well, for starters users can create an account using this app. It is a simple process and can be completed within a few minutes. Once the account is open, they can also update their bank account details using the application. To sign up for a new account, details like driving license number, social insurance number, date of birth are required to verify the authenticity of the customer. The first name, middle name and last name details are also compulsory and should match with the name on any of the databases like driving license or social insurance.

After downloading the app, users have to first login or sign up. This requires an email id and a password. Once the signup process is complete, the users can start using the app normally. Another feature found in this app is the option to update the bank account details. You can enter the details of your bank like the name of the institution, account number and transit code. This will be stored in the app and will facilitate easier availing of the loans.

The main feature of MyCanadaPayday is the feature to avail loans in easy steps. Once the bank account details have been entered into the app, users can avail this feature. You can enter the new loan page and enter the requisite details. Depending on your income and other such details, the app will inform you of the maximum amount eligible. The tenure, as well as the interest rates, will be displayed to the user. Once you accept all the terms and conditions, the loan amount will be disbursed directly to your account. You can view or manage all your loans through this app. The application is password protected and the data is safe, due to which the app is highly recommended.

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Improve Your Emotional Health with NeuraBoot

Improve Your Emotional Health with NeuraBoot

In the United States, almost half of adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime ー don’t let your mental health go untreated! With NeuraBoot, now available on iOS, you can check-in with yourself daily and improve your overall well-being in the process.

NeuraBoot has the most impactful emotional and mood management tools built-in one place. From self-care to stress management to anxiety relief, you can rest assured that you’re covered. The best part is that the app is clinically-proven to work! You won’t be relying on something hippy dippy, pseudo science, or half-baked practices. Your mental health will be kicked into peak shape with NeuraBoot! 

There’s power in routine. So just like exercising your muscles in the gym, NeuraBoot works the same with your mind! The app will get you in the habit of tracking yourself daily so you can analyze your thoughts & feelings. From there, you can make the necessary changes! The app is also equipped with many tips to manage stress.

You can download NeuraBoot on iOS now.