Nowadays, games are going through a change of pattern such as: the action games are not at the top anymore though they are running smoothly at the App Store. But, the audience is more attractive towards the games which are on offer, gives you something, high ratings, amazing graphics, etc. They are shifting towards the simple games which are enjoyable and relieves stress on the stressed minds. People love to play puzzle games, mind games, adventure games, educational games, etc. They are a good exercise for your brain as well as refreshes your mind and body. So today we have a game that’s not a puzzle, but an action-packed adventure game and a complete dose to rejuvenate your mind.

I’m talking about the latest Android app called Marble Jetpack that has been offered by BB Electronics, LLC in the Adventure category. The app is compatible with all the latest versions of the Android Operating Systems.

Once you have installed the game on your device and started playing it, you need to choose your marble and navigate around the obstacles. You have to collect and shoot down all the stars and enemies in the level by rolling and blasting through the air with your Marble Jetpack. The controls of the game are very easy to navigate. It’s a simple yet challenging game to play. There are so many levels of the game and once you clear a level you will find that it becomes more tricky when you move further to another level.

In the arcade level, you need to be more quick before your time runs out. The game has different checkpoints to save your current spot in the level and add time. These checkpoints can be reused as well. In the second level of the arcade levels, power ups are added to help aid in finishing a level. You can change your marble skin in the inventory section and also check the available items in it as well. The levels of the game become more difficult the farther you go. So check out if you can roll and blast your way to the next levels in this exciting game!

With the minimal graphics and an amazing soundtrack, this app never becomes a headache for you no matter how frequently or how long you keep playing it to reach your destination. Whenever you want to take a break from your busy schedule, just take a sip of Marble Jetpack and you’re ready to get back to your work. It’s a good mental exercise for your brain that calms your senses and sharpens your brain. It’s a family friendly game, means it can be played by anyone in your family.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

So make sure you check it out today!

Pros: beautiful graphics; clean soundtrack; full of fun and entertainment; super-addictive; challenging endless gameplay; lots of levels to play; free as well as in-app purchases available.

Cons: none.

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Organizing all the Zip Codes/Postal codes worldwide is very difficult, especially when you are doing it manually. We need different Zip Codes in our day to day life for many purposes. And sometimes it’s very difficult to find the one we are looking for! A Zip Code is a postal code used by the USPS. It’s basically used because the mail travels more efficiently and quickly when the senders use the code in the postal address. You know that we have a lot of zip codes because there are a lot of postal addresses worldwide. So if you want to get zip codes for finding a job or a house, we have an amazing solution for you! It’s known as Zip Code API. You will be able to look up zip codes, calculate distances and much more with this free api.

With the Zip Code API, you will get free access to worldwide Postal code data. It covers more than 100 countries, 10,000 free requests per month.  It fetches zip codes within a few seconds and all the related zip codes from the surroundings. You can use them for finding any job or for locating a house, or a particular address. offers a wide range of endpoints that will give you access to any type of the data you need. You can receive any kind of information about the primary location behind a zip code. You can calculate the distance between two or multiple zip codes, find the radius, and locations for all the Zip codes present worldwide. The results are available in km or miles. Moreover, you will receive a list of all the postal codes within a given city and country.

The app is highly scalable and provides enough performance, no matter how high the request volume is! Zip Code API is an easy to use API which returns the results in JSON format, which can be easily integrated in any application. The app constantly updates and verifies the data from multiple sources to ensure the accuracy of the data.

There are so many features of this API such as it allows you to convert the zip codes for a city or a town. You can get the distance between two zip codes, organize all the zip codes from a nearby radius, etc.  You can type any PIN code on the website and find out how it works for the first time. Seriously, you will be shocked by getting the results and you will find a lot of opportunities using this API.

Overall, the app provides you the list of all the postal codes in the city, state or country. It helps you to fetch days from more than 100 countries, process 10,000 free requests/month at a much fair pricing. The app is free to use and there are paid custom plans as well which are very fair. You need to only pay for what you need. You can choose the plans accordingly. All the contracts can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time.

So, try this all-in-one web app now and make your life easier!

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If you own a business or any other company, you need to schedule your meetings or any other appointments with the clients and your co-workers using your calendar. You can manage all the events, meetings, appointments and everything else using the calendar. You can even set reminders for any personal events, functions, festivals, etc., so that you don’t miss anything. For this, you need to download a calendar app that you love! I have found one such app which is known as Calendar.AI, which is a business calendar and scheduling app. The app has been compatible with all the latest Android Operating Systems and it’s absolutely free of cost.

Some studies show that you don’t have the time to prepare for the upcoming meetings always, but, if something is on your Calendar, you are much prone to accomplish it and keep all your plans on track. So, instead of making a list only you can schedule all your tasks within an all in one tool Calendar.AI. Once you have selected the participants, you can schedule a meeting, attach your documents, emails, lists, and even add notes using Calendar.AI on your mobile phone. You can also show up with whom you’re meeting, what’s the agenda of the meeting, whether you’re stressed about it or not. All you need is to prepare for the upcoming meetings which will pay you later. Your efforts will give you a lot of opportunities with the new clients and the vendors. So the app helps you achieve all that!

When you schedule a meeting with any company, you can tap on the company logo and collect all the information related to them and get it delivered to your phone instantly with Calendar.AI. You can also do that for meeting participants! There’s no need to search about the company on the web and then gather information, Calendar.AI does it all! Once the meeting is over, you can use the Smart scheduler to book a follow-up meeting by checking each person’s schedule and find the perfect, available time slot to meet for all.

Calendar.AI gives you powerful company insights such as: you can see the personal profiles of everyone attending the meeting, their social media news, history of employment, location and even their photos. You can attach the time-period of the meetings, it’s agendas, or any other documents to the scheduled meeting. Moreover, you can integrate video conferencing into your meetings by using tools such as: WebEx, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting or Business. You can also add any private notes to the calendar entry.

Overall, the app is very smart for scheduling meetings on the go! The interface of the app is quite attractive and it’s easy to use and works quickly and efficiently. Unlike other calendar apps, this app brings powerful insights and helpful information to you so that you can manage your schedules and your time easily.

So don’t wait, schedule your meetings with the Calendar.AI.

Pros: user-friendly interface; works faster; powerful tool; all in one scheduling platform; a lot of features; free to use.

Cons: none.

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Enlightened Meditation

Enlightened Meditation

To feel the excitement course through your body and enjoy every living moment of your life, you have to have a sound body and brain. Carrying on with a solid way of life encourages you to remain fit and maintain a strategic distance from numerous medical issues It brings satisfaction and inspires you to carry on with a superior life. A sound way of life expels impediments from your life. At the point when you open a magazine or turn on the TV, you see ads for how to improve your life and live more beneficial. We see pictures of individuals. We see pictures of individuals working out, getting a charge out of new natural product at a ranchers’ market, and so forth. Every one of these things are urging us to carry on with more beneficial ways of life. The meaning of a sound way of life can differ from individual to individual. ‘Enlightened Meditation’ is a mobile based application that helps its users in meditation and motivation.

Developed by:

Enlightened Meditation’ was designed and offered by ‘Enlightened Meditation’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Enlightened Meditation’ app on to your cell phone or other suitable devices. This mobile based app has many videos of motivational speakers, trainers, coaches in the app.  Keeping the user’s mental health in mind, this app takes your lifestyle very seriously. You can always get reminded of your health and well being through this app and attain the weight and body you wish.

Features of the app:

Enlightened Meditation’ has many brilliant features of which some are listed here.

  • Improve your concentration
  • Meditation and motivational sessions for inspiration, focus and more
  • Gain awareness and self motivation
  • Improve your mind and emotions
  • Fight anxiety, depression and stress

Compatible with:

‘Enlightened Meditation’ app works with all Android and iOS devices.

Jury is the virtual courtroom that’ll help settle disputes.

Jury is the virtual courtroom that’ll help settle disputes.

Whether you need help with contract negotiations or you can’t decide where to go for dinner, Jury helps settle personal disagreements in a virtual courtroom.

Each party selects a jury of 6 anonymous individuals from around the world who have agreed to listen to your case. Supply evidence in the form of statements, photos, videos and documents to present your case. The jury will review and vote one way or another.

Because sometimes, especially among friends and loved ones, it can be difficult to settle a dispute. Each of us wants to be right – we may even think we are right – and this is rarely results in a satisfactory outcome. Even if one of you ‘wins’ the argument, you’ve likely annoyed the other person and this can escalate into yet another argument later down the line.

By cutting out the yelling and emotionally charged argument altogether, and heading straight for Jury, you’ll save a lot of stress. The verdict is nonbinding and you don’t have to listen to it, but sometimes it can help just having the perspective of 12 random individuals viewing the situation objectively.

Next time you’re in an argument, why not give it a try? If you’re lucky enough to never get into conflicts, or you like being involved in somebody else’s, you can try your hand at being a juror, too.

For more information and a demo of Jury, visit, the App Store or Google Play.

Refresh Your Knowledge with Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards

Refresh Your Knowledge with Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards

Trivia and quiz games are good for your memory and they keep you smart and engaged. These apps train your brain when you answer the different questions at different levels. A few days back, I was on search of a quiz app on the Play Store and I found one that caught my interest. It is Mindoo – General Knowledge Flashcards. This is one of the best games I have ever played and it greatly helps me to test my knowledge.

Once you start gaming on Mindoo, you can choose between original and shuffle game mode. It is definitely one perfect app to improve your general knowledge with a vast range of questions and categories. It has got some real good content for learning and is very clearly designed. It offers a quiz on the following seven topics: Politics & Economy, Geography, Art, People, Sport, Transportation & Traffic, and Miscellaneous.

Mindoo was given by Patrick Dittrich of Switzerland and can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and the Play store. You need not signup or login, just download the game and start playing it. You can play the game anytime even when you are offline and you won’t need internet connectivity. The app comes with in-app purchases that offer quizzes under the 7 different topics and 130 categories and the content is being updated regularly.

The app works as you start answering each and every question on the different topics. You can be right or wrong, just say the answer for yourself and check it. If you are right, select the tick icon or choose the wrong icon and that’s it. Once you complete, Mindoo displays the correct answers you have got and gives your score for 100%. With this awesome app, one can enhance their general knowledge and learning.

The menu of Mindoo with Instructions column, gives you tips before you get started with the app. The score per topic gives you more information about your general knowledge as you can see all the added up points you have earned so far. Under the in-app purchase of the app, you will be able to buy the different packages by subject. All the upcoming updates will be included in these.

Mindoo is so colourful with a smooth interface that is easy to handle. Playing this on mobile offers a great learning experience that is fun-filled. It greatly helps de-stress and improves your IQ. The advantages of using this app are many and are worthwhile, packed with exciting facts. Get this app for free and start training your brain.

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