Catchup Math iPhone App Review

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Finally, here comes a solution to anyone out there that has been struggling with math, let’s face it, not everyone is born a genius and a mathematician. There are those that will somehow excel at it, and then there are those that will have to struggle before they get that breakthrough. The Catchup Math app comes as a relief and hopes to such individuals especially those in learning institutions yet. This amazing innovative app works by identifying one’s learning gaps and providing personalised lessons to the individual. It is a perfect solution to those in the middle as well as those in high schools while on vacation. It is also super helpful to the college students that are preparing for their placement exams and also to adults wanting to improve their Algebra or Geometry skills. In short, it is a highly valuable app that could benefit anyone out there. Besides, Catchup Math will not waste any of your precious time on concepts already familiar to you like the other related apps. I mean the whole experience is fascinating and worth trying.

Everything from the practice problems, written lessons to the instructional videos offers an engaging and a brilliant way for one to sharpen and improve their math skills. Catchup Math provides a total of six courses, well designed and professionally organised to help one get through all of them without any troubles. The app covers grade six Math, through geometry, Algebra two as well as down to the elementary arithmetic.


Available Features of Catchup Math App

• The following are responsible for making this app super fantastic and highly reliable to the many people still struggling with math today:

• Individualized instructions

• Availability of highly skilled and organised world class six courses

• Short quizzes designed to help identify the learning gaps

• Practice problems that are engaging to the users as well as step by step explanations

• Super crystal clear videos that are easy to comprehend, taught by qualified match teachers as well as professors

• Easy to read and follow lessons written in both English and Spanish languages

• An amazing electronic scratchpad for working out answers or solving problems

• A highly functional inbuilt calculator like no other

• An easy to locate search bar to identify math topics in a matter of seconds quickly


Pros of the app

The app offers a great alternative and a solution to the many individuals out there still trying to figure out how they will succeed in math.

It is also entirely free and available for download, which means that anyone with a compatible device can freely download, install and begin to enjoy using the app.

Catchup Math App Is by far the best mobile app to help students and even adults improve their math skills.

Cons of the app

This app has been designed for iPhone and iPad

It also required only iOS 8.0 or later

Android users cannot access and therefore, will not be able to utilise and enjoy the amazing benefits of the Catchup Math app.

Conclusion/Writers verdict

The results of using the Catchup Math app are almost immediately, after downloading and installing it. Working your way through the features of the app is interesting as easy as well. The app is not a complicated as one might anticipate. Working through the math problems is also super exciting, the whole idea and purpose of the Catchup Math is to help demystify and decode math. After downloading and installing the app, it was apparent that all what it claims to offer is true. It is just a matter of time before you math skills are polished.

Worth Having App – Download the App