Castro for iPhone

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Castro for iPhone by Supertop is the new version of Castro that emphasizes advanced perspective on podcasts for quality triage. If you enjoy listening to podcasts on a daily basis, but aren’t entirely satisfied with other top-notch podcast players then you should definitely try Castro.

Castro has attractive design that users wish to look at while they go through their podcasts. Whether you’re in day or night theme, the thumbnails of podcast art would contrast aptly against the background. The icons for the queue, inbox, archive, and discover are recognizable effectively. Supertop has done amazing job once again with the finer details in regard to the design of Castro.

Castro for iPhone

You can use the Discover tab for browsing popular shows in different categories or just search for the shows you like by name or URL. When you search a show that interests you, just tap on it to view the show details, and see what their latest episode was and what that episode is about. Castro also describes the oldest episode available, but users could also easily tap on the middle break to see all episodes that are in-between the oldest and latest.

The global users could subscribe to a show as you normally would; there are also many individual options that they could trigger by tapping on individual episodes. The options vary from Play Now, Add to Queue as Next, Add to Queue as Last, or Favorite, which extensively adds favorite show episodes to the inbox automatically.

Castro for iPhone

When global users are playing a podcast, they would view the currently playing episode illustrated by a small icon of the artwork in the bottom right corner, where the playback bar is. By gentle tapping on the icon it permits you to view the show notes, and users could utilize the buttons to pause, rewind, and skip forward. It is possible to access the Share Sheet and effectively share a Castro link to the episode through a myriad of choices.