BroadTags for iPhone

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In massive development of mobile app technology Hashtags is quiet proven to be symbol of the social media revolution. Illustrating to someone who has never used Twitter or Facebook would be really difficult task, but sign them up to a familiar social network and they would soon get the amazing concept lodged in their brains. BroadTags for iPhone does things actually differently, allowing user to actually follow hashtags instead of people.

It is known fact that the popular Twitter is the source of millions of hashtags, but the familiar social network utilizes them as a complement to other merit oriented features, all of which are targeted on following people, not tags. BroadTags is the latest brand new social network simply does amazing things in effective manner.

BroadTags for iPhone

This special aspect might sound quality which really help to keep the conversation fresh and strongly focusing the discourse in the right direction. It is both unique and interesting, and has many reasons for users to download BroadTags right now.

This famous BroadTags app has many merit oriented features similar to the mainstream social networks, respectively as private messages, comments, etc and it effectively does these things qualitative manner. The interface is solid, with a attractive theme running throughout, and you would never get lost while trying to do something with this familiar app.

By using this BroadTags one could follow effective features like simple centralized posting for sharing text, vivid videos, and quality photos in a snap. The users could also search for hashtags to follow or featured hashtag for instant quick update on what’s going on. They also could message others privately and permit the conversation flow.

BroadTags for iPhone

The uses could also perfectly design and share personalized filters for your amazing photos. It is also possible to determine the level of exposure you like when utilizing custom privacy options for sharing a little, a lot, or somewhere in-between.