BookScanner Pro Review

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If your need to research a lot of information these days, you need an app for that. Researchers and students are always researching information, and they need to get the job done quickly. BookScanner Pro promises to give you what you want, as the app can scan almost any document on Earth. We are going to let you know more about BookScanner Pro and the things this amazing application can do for you these days.

Smart Book Scanner

BookScanner Pro is the smart book scanner that you have been seeking for a long time. Scanning your favorite books is not easier than ever with BookScanner Pro. Remember that BookScanner Pro has been designed especially for the iOS device, which means that this app is a high-quality item. BookScanner Pro is very easy to use, and you just have to put the iPhone in front of the book, and away you go. The app can extract text from almost 200 languages in 12 formats. You will be able to create a wide array of electronic copies in JPG, EPUB, FB2, and PDF formats.

Online OCR

BookScanner Pro will allow you to apply the important online OCR to your texts so you can scan books quickly and easily. Editing and sharing these books will be a cinch for any BookScanner Pro user out there. Creating an eBook has never been easier, and you can even create a digital copy of almost any document on Earth with the BookScanner Pro. If you are a student or researcher, BookScanner Pro can be the lifesaver that you have been looking for these days as well.

Fast Performance

BookScanner Pro will allow you to take a snapshot of any book page out there. BookScanner Pro will then split this shot right into 2 separate images correcting any lighting effects or distortions over time. Next, the app will unbend the book`s curved lines as though you were placing the book on any desktop scanner`s glass. BookScanner Pro will also preserve any important format in the document such as header, tables, and lists. BookScanner Pro will allow you to share your document via Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other cloud services. This app will allow you to save your scans with search capabilities and tags.


– You will be able to protect the image-only PDF files with a password. – BookScanner Pro has advanced image filters, and it can produce outstanding image quality. – BookScanner Pro will use best-shot photo mode so it can pick up the best image to scan.- You will be able to scan a document from the phone`s home screen via spotlight search and 3D touch. – Users can even print out scans via iPad or iPhone.


– You might want to use the app with your iPad 1 or 2.- Users might need to use the app with the famous iPod Touch.
As you can see, BookScanner Pro is here to stay for a long time. With amazing capabilities and outstanding performance, BookScanner Pro can be the best friend of any researcher or student in the world. The app can save tons of money and time, and you need to download it right away as well.

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