Blast Blitz App Game: Review

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A fantastic gameplay is known to induce an amazing experience to the player. This not only makes one to play more and more but also get a chance to invite others to try it out. Besides, a game that comes with a lot of fun and action will always keep the user glued to the screen in order to prove the skills and experience gained. What about a game that introduces the players to a strange maze where there is need to find the way out? This can be absolutely adventurous and the player requires full attention to make it through. Apparently, Blast Blitz app created by Poly Pandas has brought that experience into reality by providing the user a chance to blast a way out of the maze. Meanwhile, this experience will be a bit challenging; there are different opponents and obstacles on the way that one needs to overcome.

Getting to Understand Blast Blitz game

Having been updated on 2nd August, 2016, Blast Blitz has come up with additional improved features that make its performance much better. Besides, this version 1.1.0 of the app is available in English thus making it accessible to as many users as possible. Currently, one will realize that this app has been rated highly (with an overall of 9+), a clear indication that many users are completely overwhelmed by its performance. This has been mostly contributed by fun-filled nature, classical design and colorful themes and animations. It is absolutely worth giving it a try!

How the Blast Blitz game operates 

The entire game session is pretty simple to understand as a game player. However, there are some challenges that one needs to tackle so as to successfully reach the end point. Actually, there are numerous enemies and obstacles on the way which may knock one down. Thus the player is required to use the available weapons and powerups to make the way across. The player can also break down a wall and create a passage (this is especially if the other path is closed by an obstacle or opponent). With such kind of action-packed blasts and kick bombs, the player will come to discover why Blast Blitz game is indeed the absolute choice!

Compatibility of Blast Blitz game

Currently, this app has adopted improved components that have boosted its quality. This has made it to operate effectively on great devices which include iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition, the player is required to have installed iOS 6.0 or any latest version available in order to run the game smoothly.

Distinct Features Found in Blast Blitz app game

Apply the powerups to boost energy

This is one of the amazing features that the player will come across in this great game. Actually, powerups enable the player to gather up great momentum and move swiftly across different paths in the maze. The interesting thing is that the movement is super fast and this can make the player have an easy moment to the end of the maze.

Get a chance to unlock amazing characters

Actually, the Blast Blitz game offers the player an opportunity to acquire different characters that tend to possess different upgraded skills. Surprisingly, the new characters are crazy in nature and really enthusiastic. This makes the player have a fun-filled and exciting experience when engaging with the game. Interestingly, the game has recently made the number of new characters up to 10. This indeed offers the user a wide selection to choose from!

Be attentive on time while playing

In order to make through different corners and edges of the maze, the player will be required to be keen enough. This is especially when it comes to making a sharp turn or trying to avoid an obstacle or opponent. This will need the player to make prompt twists as the game is really on quick motion. On the other hand, the player has now a chance to proceed from where the game untimely ended. With the aid of the “Second Chance Continue” screen, this has been made possible

Create wide paths by bringing down walls

How is this actually achieved? Apparently, the game comes with sophisticated bombs that are available for the player to use. There are numerous obstacles and enemies that the player needs to encounter. Some may stand on the way thus the player needs to either blast or kick bombs on the walls in order to create a path. This works perfectly with Blast Blitz game!

Collect coins from enemies

Actually, during the gameplay, the player will discover that the opponents contain lots of coins. This should sound interesting to the player. By using chain of reaction of bomb blasts, one can bring down the enemy and grab available coins. Interestingly, large amounts of coins can be used by the player to upgrade the game or get new characters.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the app


· A fun-filled game with amazing experience

· Easy to understand and play

· Great performance from the powerups

· Colorful display and design

· Fantastic characters to play with


· Bug problem; need to fix it

· Slightly challenging for beginners


Blast Blitz app is truly a definition of a high quality game that has been uniquely designed to possess great features that are super awesome. With features like amazing characters, fantastic display, great performance and captivating nature; this makes Blast Blitz game worth downloading. It is time to get it at App Store for absolutely free and experience adventurous moment in the maze!

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